BLATANT CAMPAIGNING …but what the cost?

Last night’s council meeting was everything one has come to expect, while not publically aggressive seems while we were ‘exited’ things got a little heated with a couple of Cllrs conversation at the close being somewhat agitated. However at this meeting there was the added bonus of councillors blatantly working the room in a ‘vote for me vote for me’ attempt at every opportunity. But what the cost, tenders called, delayed, left hanging, security of a council on a mission lost in the volley for votes… and pretty much nothing one can do to rectify this sorry excuse for representation.

For a long time now I’ve hammered the lack of attendance at committee meetings, forums and pretty much anything to do with the public, now we have a bunch of councillors, who attend little, read even less and realise an election drawers nigh clambering for votes and by-lines …and the cost is delays, even more delays. The wheels of council turn slowly enough, as frustrating as it often is, eventually we reach a point where something can be enacted, in this instance, the parking strategy, some of us, have been working on this for years and years, some of us helped make some hard decisions, but we did it in good faith that the outcome would provide the best result for all the people of Liverpool and it was all done as transparently as possible, community meetings, advertising, etc etc. Trust me it’s not very often I tend to agree with Cllr Lucas but last night I did just that, (ok only once) after some pretty petty too-ing and fro-ing the penny dropped to him that the whole strategy was being put at risk because of some blatant pandering and campaigning….

Then our gems decided not to include green power in our electricity supply, but Cllr Hadchiti is looking for carbon credits for planting trees…lordy, his lot have lost the plot… is he now  for the carbon tax on all things that interest him and not on others, I don’t think it works that way councillor… you can’t have it both ways.

 While there are times one would say who cares, sadly I do, it’s our future, it’s our council and in the end it’s our money they are frittering away. Another $35,000 in legal fee’s in the land and environment court,  which brings me to the another point,  I’ve not heard or seen what it cost us to own 48-52 Scott Street, and what the costs of maintaining it will be on our council. Yet another perfect example of lack of transparency,decisions made behind closed doors..

To other things, it’s Cllr Napolitano’s turn to be Deputy Mayor, seems when you have the majority Coalition councillors true representation is a thing of the past… it’s more  a matter of “it’s my turn you had yours’  here  bipartisanship is gone the way of the dinosaur. Although on this our council doesn’t stand alone, petty politics is the norm.  Thank God we have a popularly elected Mayoral system in place at least there the community decides and it will be interesting to see how this pans out in less than 12months when we’re back at the polls.  

The committees representation are pretty much the status quo, although from memory any councillor can attend any committee meeting ‘voluntarily’ as an observer should they so wish and as always pretty much don’t. Heaven knows if they had shown a little more interest in the CBD Committee maybe we wouldn’t have had the debacle of last night… although Cllr Harle is on the committee and voted against the strategy, seconded it and then withdrew…seems to me the ‘caucus’ meetings the coalition have aren’t too clear when one councillor appears to be texting another … although at other times the same councillor tweets during council meetings, maybe he’s just bored.

Please spend some time looking about the council website, there are a couple of matters on exhibition and worthy of your time and comment. And remember if you don’t voice an opinion something important may just go through you wished hadn’t.


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