To Meter or not to Meter

As your community representative on the CBD Committee and being involved in the lengthy and long held discussions regarding parking in the CBD  I find it completely frustrating that two members of the committee are now speaking out against the parking strategy in the press, when in fairness neither actually attended the meetings for extensive periods of time when much debate and discussion was held.

Councillor Mannoun has attended only a few of these regularly scheduled committee meetings since their inception (check out council minutes for committee attendances) and although given automatic inclusion on the committee Mr Hunt never managed to attend any… to the point that it was suggested the chamber send another representative as he had clearly been ‘unavailable’, so we could get their input… since then the chambers representative has attended the committee meetings and has had a full opportunity to discuss and argue against the meters should he have chosen to do so on behalf of the chamber and to take those discussions back to the chamber. Why now I ask, when we asked for input and encouraged debate we received none from them and each now take this to the papers crying foul…

Clearly as I’ve said before, no one wants to pay for parking however everyone wants to park, there has to be a middle ground.

This committee has debated and discussed long and hard to achieve the ultimate goal of getting more people in and out of Liverpool and I am quietly confident that this balance will achieve that. Cllr Hadid recently came out in the press speaking for the meters and as he had attended the majority of the meetings could argue he was at least well informed. Forgive my annoyance especially on matters that could be perceived as media chasing when the chance to actually represent the constituency was available to each of the now detractor’s. My next question is why didn’t Cllr Mannoun walk the streets when the parking strategy was on public exhibition, why now could it be that he neither attended nor read the minutes or is it perhaps an  election is drawing closer, I’ll leave that to you to decide, for me opportunism is a sad form of campaigning.   

The comments above are my personal opinion not that of the committee and I encourage everyone to read the minutes of those committee meetings available through the council website.

As a matter of fact, ALL committee minutes are brought to council meetings for ratification and acceptance and are available to all to read, to see who of your representatives actually show up and represent you, and who doesn’t.

If you have an opinion you would like me to represent as your person on the Environmental Advisory Committee, the Community and Recreation panel or the CBD committee… let me know, I am a vocal representative and am more than glad to be able to share the views of our community… after all that’s what I’m there for and I do turn up.

On a bright note, I liked the suggestion from one reader that  parking meters  will encourage him to look at public transport alternatives to come shopping in Liverpool… then he can stay as long as he likes and not have to worry about his car at all… clever shopper!!!

On a different topic altogether:  seems all but MP Chris Hayes will be available for the Carbon Tax Debate on the 5th October according to today’s paper, can I suggest if you do have a question you’d like asked avail yourself of the offer being put forward by the Champion to email your question to  and I read some questions will be taken from the floor, IMHO it will  be nice to get more real factual information out to the community as sadly scare mongering has taken precedence in the larger forms of metropolitan media.

On exhibition: The Coopers Paddock redevelopment will be on public exhibition from today according to the papers… although not on this link at the time of posting I’m sure it will be soon… please comment on this important space here in Liverpool… we have until October 22 to get submissions into council.


2 Responses to To Meter or not to Meter

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    to even the odds for the shopkeepers at the southern end of the centre, I firmly believe that the Warren Service Way car park should revert back to some “free” time parking, if not 3 hours as is the case at Westfield, then 2 or at the very least 1 Hour.
    15 Minutes grace isn’t enough time to go and come back to any do sort of errands.
    As for the Cooper’s Paddock proposed development plans, they seem fair and reasonable, I say this because the plans show the development will be mostly on already cleared/developed land.
    When can we have an audit done on urgent and necessary maintenance on the parks and footpaths in Wattle Grove, the place looks second rate and isn’t improving as time goes by. Traffic islands are overgrown as are footpaths, which incidentally have many uneven and lifting sections. Do you know if there is an overall plan to maintain Wattle Grove? Council only seem to act when contacted by the residents. Their mindset has to change to pro-active instead of re-active as is now the case.

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray, I have been attempting to have the free one hour re installed at the Warren service way however figures suggest the removal didn’t impact at all on the usage rate… something I’m still working on…believe me.

      2) You clearly haven’t read all the reports available on Coopers, while I support development I don’t in this instance, Coopers has a fragile and valuable habitat for some endangered species and the buffer suggested simply isn’t sufficient to maintain a viable existence. I will argue against this development while I’ve spoken in support of others….IMO this one should be a keeper.

      You will need to contact council regarding an audit of parks etc, at the eastern forum similar questions have been asked, perhaps checking the website will enlighten you on the schedule for parks and maintenance. I believe there are many areas, not just Wattlegrove, that need attention on a regular basis, the plan of management for parks may help, again asked at Eastern forum, minutes on the council website.

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