Picnics, politics and passion

Funny how some things seem clearer and brighter after a good old chat. This weekend saw a small group of locals get together to discuss their dreams and aspirations for the coming 12 months and more. What am I referring to…? this weekend the local Fairfield Liverpool Greens group had a simple picnic in the park… (Note to self: some better organisation for next time) but one of the most inspiring things is when we get together the discussion is of positive things for the future of our two LGA’s. Our hopes for the future of our cities, the inevitable hope for Greens to be included in the mix and the methods we hope to employ to bring our councillors together in common (not so political) goals. I also had the pleasure of attending another group meeting where the discussion again with fellow Greens was how we can all work together when elected to councils. The one thing that inspires me is that the Greens don’t speak in terms of when we have the majority, or when we lead, the conversations almost exclusively talk about how to bring groups together, how all the different groups can be brought into the ‘tent’ to work as one for the good of the community. The sceptics will say it’s because we don’t have the option to think in overall terms, but the reality is there are already councils in NSW where Greens councillors are the majority, and it is in conversation with these people that I get the all encompassing feeling that a city moving forward is one where people work together.

The joy that any campaign run by us will be focussing on the community and the welfare of our residents, not on how to beat one group or another, which was the overwhelming focus of the last council election in 2008… our goal, our campaign is always going to be how best we can represent the entire community, even those who think we have two heads or that the sky is falling.

A little dose of inspiration sure brightens you up, with a big week ahead… Eastern Forum tomorrow night, our local Greens meeting on Wednesday, a wedding on Saturday and my daughter’s Birthday on Sunday, seems I will continue to be around positive happy people.

Don’t forget next week’s council meeting was moved to Wednesday the 28th and should prove an, as always, interesting event… the Central Forum is on the Tuesday 27th. Please note in your diary also the Carbon Tax debate on the 5th October… more details will follow however at this stage Senator Lee Rhiannon has confirmed attendance at 7pm at the Francis Greenway Centre Council Chambers in George St.

As always, watch this space, if I see, hear or read anything of interest to our community I will post it here… for the first time in a while I don’t have a submission due however the following link  has recently appeared of the council website, an alteration to the LLEP for Heathcote Road, have a read and comment  if you have something you’d like to contribute.



9 Responses to Picnics, politics and passion

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    underutilized for its location, is all I can say about this development.
    It’s about time medium to high density residential is brought to this ideally located area of Liverpool.
    A high-rise residential tower with a good design to welcome people to Liverpool, giving us a land mark to give our city a readily identifiable icon, something futuristic and totally self sustainable.
    Let’s make a statement worth taking note of.
    Ray Van

    • Signe says:

      I’m not 100% clear on what you are referring to unless you mean the link and i’ve not read the document as yet, so far I see it as changing to a B corridor for commercial.. but could be wrong… and I would’n’t think it as apporpriate for residential.. but as mentioned I’ve not read the entire doc as yet but it does mention Heathcote Road so it could be residential or commercial/industrial. will look closer Ray

  2. Ray Van says:

    Yes Signe, the development is on the corner of Heathcote Rd and Moorebank Ave, within spitting distance to the railway station. It would be a benefit to many people to build a residential tower on top of a commercial level on that site.

    • Signe says:

      ok… will look into it a little closer as soon as i can…sorry both messages came in at once… answered the other not knowing this was here. Fortunatley it’s there for comment so feel free to voice your opinion.

  3. Ray Van says:

    How About we call it McQuarie tower to honour our city’s founding father?

    • Signe says:

      Ray what are you talking about… seems I’m missing something here….is there a proposed multi story building or is this on your wish list.

  4. Ray Van says:

    wish list, the site deserves better!

    • Signe says:

      then make a submission you must!

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray,

      I’ve now had a little time to look at the site proposal and don’t agree at all with your idea of putting residential on it… what an awful location for families… while i’m still reading and unclear on what is proposed, surely housing and children on that site would be dangerous to say the least… will continue to read and respond further when clearer on the proposal..to my understanding its the triangle on Moorebank and Heathcote, while prime locationally, residential would be questionable…considering the enormous traffic flows 24/7. will get back to you on this…

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