New day, New year…The countdown is on 358

I start off each new council year looking to be part of a positive and interesting year ahead; I watch closely at all the things happening and record them for all to see. So again I begin by looking for those positives. Yesterday the editor of the champion started with a story of all the good things happening in our fair city, however an actual read mentions the two purchases and the roads, rates and rubbish, with the exception of the purchases the rest would have happened with or without councillors… our Rubbish collection/recycling process is leaps and bounds ahead of many in NSW, a program instigated before councillors were even elected… as for roads, well there is always going to be road issues, and if you’ve banged loud enough into Cllr’s ears a couple of areas have received some well needed attention…but would these have happened anyway…probably ?

The squeaky wheel is getting the attention, but what of those issues not being hammered, what of the average Joe or Josephine sitting at home, not really understanding or knowing where to turn?

As for the purchases, a whole list of maybes could be employed and the need may never  have surfaced.

All that aside reading through the papers, listening to councillor Mannoun cry foul on the proposed meters for the CBD, if he had shown up at more of the CBD committee meetings when this was being discussed at length, looking for the best outcome for the entire community and encouraging more shoppers into the CBD he could have voiced his concerns, however he doesn’t show up and decides to make a opposing opinion in the press, opposing it seems to his party associate Cllr Hadid who last week spoke in favour of meters…mind you his last hoorah as spokesperson as it was made quite clear at a recent council meeting that Cllr Napolitano is to be the next deputy mayor therefore spokesperson, the role that arose after ‘sacking’ the popularly elected Mayor as spokesperson some months ago.

A constant light in the tunnel is the community forums, whilst they aren’t all wine and roses all the time, being amongst caring and passionate Liverpudlians is a pleasure I never get over. I enjoy the interactions with residents and the many staff members who come along and share information, discuss ideas and generally engage in our city, so please get involved in the forums.

There are many positives about our city, most especially our people, we come from all walks of life, from every corner of the world and we ‘work’, we are a community and we are something to be enormously proud of.


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