Grassroots democracy

It is exciting working with the Greens; they are a real grassroots political party and I particularly like that when forming opinion, press releases or simply examining a particular issue they contact the local group and seek out the person/s most likely to know the situation first hand. I’ve now had the pleasure of running for both State and Federal seats for the Greens and as an active person in our city I am able to bring a locals perspective to issues that matter to us. Having recently put in a submission regarding the Mega Model at Moorebank I was delighted to know that both MLC’s David Shoebridge’s & Cate Faerhmann’s office were both well aware of the submission requirement and due date and were keen to know local specifics and past representations so as to provide a valuable and thought provoking aspect to the Greens submissions. Add to this the continuing conversations I have with Cate regarding the proposed redevelopment of Coopers Paddock and as mentioned last week an ongoing conversation with Senator Lee Rhiannon regarding issues affecting us here in Liverpool, from the unbelievable situation at Casula along the rail line to the proposed Emissions pricing issues and how they will affect us. It is exciting being in our city knowing that we have people representing us who care what happens here on the ground at Liverpool, from David Shoebridge’s comment in the press today about CSG mining on new released land here in the south west, to Jeremy Buckingham’s continued efforts with farming protection and the CSG situation. Sadly while most of the media focus goes to the two majors when something happens it’s nice to know we have real support, what will be even better is when one or two of our own are able to speak for us as well… all things in good time they say and I’m thinking the time is good.

Also a quick Congrats to Jill Merrin and George Takacs who will now ( almost certainly) take their seats on Wollongong City Council alongside their Liberal and Labor counterparts with their new Independent Mayor. Good news for the people of Wollongong, finally a truly balanced and representative council who will work in your best interests.


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