Big Fabulous Weekend

Really how lucky can one person get, I live in undeniably the Best City in the Best Capital in the best country on earth and get to spend a good deal of my weekend listening to forward thinking, passionate, caring and pro active people of the Greens NSW, all the while our small local group being officially affiliated with the NSW Greens. The picture is of our attendees and MLC David Shoebridge and we send out an enormous thanks to the Nepean and Blacktown Greens for hosting our State Delegates Conference on the weekend. I thoroughly enjoy all my local interactions and the bi-monthly dose of support from members of our group throughout the state. Thanks to Tom, Dan, Bill and Craig who were there also representing our Fairfield Liverpool Greens team. There will be lots more to come, over the coming months and don’t forget to check out the Fairfield Liverpool Greens FB page for coming events and feel free to participate and join in.

A BIG Congrats to 2GLF as today the ABC dropped in during the am show, good to see the Big Media showing and supporting our local radio station. and sign the petition to help save our local radio station … local radio should live locally.

Don’t forget tonight is Council meeting night at the Greenway Centre just beside the City Library…7pm start, arrive early and support our Local radio station.


One Response to Big Fabulous Weekend

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    not so long ago you posted “aussie Aussie Aussie OH no no no, on street corner. It implied you weren’t so happy with the people of Australia, and now we’re the best country in the world again??? Maybe you posted that article in haste??

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