Hatefullness and Anger

A few weeks ago I posed a question with regards to greed; it prompted some pretty interesting comments, most of which actually confirming what I had said and asked.

Today I pose another, why are some people so hateful and angry? I feel the trend amongst Conservatives is sadly one of hate and anger… be it about the carbon tax, environmental growth, caring for our ill, lesser-abled and our elderly… pretty much anything that is forward thinking and compassionate. By some people I’m referring to a section of our community (obviously not all Conservative voters) who are so hateful and so angry in everything they say and do. To make things even worse  they don’t check their facts; they are prepared to quote all kinds of rumour and all manner of nonsense without even checking.

 Last night at a forum Cllr Lucas  stated that he  wished the Greens  (I guess all of us) were buried  in a big hole although in this instance felt there wasn’t’ a hole deep enough. (Selling our assets for  mining  big holes is a topic for another time) Cllr Lucas also is angry at the Chinese; I’m certainly not sure why he singled them out but the disparaging comments and profanity certainly left no doubt.  It strikes me that he is not alone in his outspoken anger albeit uninformed and often incorrect. Is the community itself guilty of not bothering to check, for relying on biased targeted media. Another individual sited all manner of incorrect information that was clearly a mix of everything he had heard, read or seen but  together he fashioned one question/comment that made absolutely no sense, his comment covered numerous topics although clumped together in what he suggested was the carbon tax although much of it was unrelated, even to the carbon tax.

I’ve pondered this overnight and realised this morning that some time ago an independent nationwide survey was conducted into the sadness, depression of our community/country that encompassed us under the Howard regime and was endemic of a society oppressed by fear, hatefulness and sadness. Another more targeted study related to the inner Sydney Suburbs came to the same conclusion. Are we again under threat of this sad state of affairs, does not the Liberal Party and their negative advertising/media push this agenda? Do they know this and what is their purpose?

I’m the first one in for a debate, I acknowledge that all people will not agree on all things at all times, and that’s’ ok its actually great, debate is good; sharing of ideas, passions and a willingness to work towards a common goal are good things. But is this fear destroying who we are, as Australians we have been known for our friendliness, our sense of humour, our passion for life and our willingness to embrace all cultures equally, but now in the media, in blog sites, in advertising, we are being overcome by fear tactics, the sky is falling rhetoric, nastiness, hate mongering, aggressive and unreasonable behaviour, is it rubbing off on us and should we be actively aware and striving to avoid/ perhaps even overcome the negativity?

In my opinion (as is this whole blog) we have much to be grateful for, much to be proud of and a future worth looking after, for all of us, not just the rich, not just the poor but for everyone, we have much to share, should we work together to achieve this or is it all about the Me and Mine? I look forward to your comments. So over to you…


9 Responses to Hatefullness and Anger

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    I checked these facts, per capita, Australia resttles 3 refugees for every one in the USA. We are a generous nation!

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray… I didn’t question our generosity or our reputation is of being friendly etc thanks for the comment

      • Ray Van says:

        Hateful is a pretty strong suggestion, I read it as utter frustration that the current government is just thumbing its nose at ordinary Australians who dare to disagree and want to exercise their democratic right. The sheer wastefulness of our tax dollars and having to wait to put things right for another 2 years only adds to this frustration. How much more incompetence do we have to put with from these ministers, that includes Anthony Albanese, minister of no consequence and Kelvin Thompson Minister of incontinence.

      • Signe says:

        Actually Ray I disagree, the hateful tone and approach towards the present government for example is more than evident as you especially would well know. Before we begin the rest of your comment I suggest you have a read of: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2010-07-28/battlelines-drawn-over-abbott-travel-rorts-claims/922160
        it’s all to easy to point the finger but the media has chosen to ignore the rorting of the leader of the opposition, cherry picking matters of interest to support their political position. I guess it’s fair to say we should wait until the investigation(s) are complete.

        Reading your comment again reminds me of another recent question, when did we become so quick to disparage people, name calling and snide remarks… your tone clearly is not so respectful, please keep the name calling to around your dinner table, be it the Prime Minister, or other ministers, while it is oft said one needs to earn respect, some positions on their own merit deserve it if not the person themselves. Whether utter frustration, hatefulness or just plain rudeness, we should strive to do better.

  2. Signe says:

    Ray while you are reading, this might bring some light on the pureness of the present State Govt for you:


    we have real issues with the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me

    • Ray Van says:

      Just read Tony’s bit and Stoner, Stoner should be sacked for insider trading. Tony’s position is clearly stated as entitled to the claims made. Neither one got up in Parliament and derided ordinary Australians as did Albanese and Thompson! They or anyone else should cop it sweet when their labels stick, they deserve it. Using parliament for those antics leaves a lot to be desired.

      • Signe says:

        So what you are saying Ray is that travelling around the country promoting his personal book for his personal gain is ok, to charge the people of Australia is hardly better than some other minister misappropriating funds regardless what on. Minister Albanese is a grub, there is nothing new there, however for whatever purpose he was re-elected by his constituents. What I am saying is we (you know the tax payers) deserve better and until something is proved in a court of law it is conjecture, whether for Mr Abbott or Mr Thompson.

        Having just spent the last hour or so listening to question time, personally I think the only grace in that place is being shown by the Greens…we deserve better than what is being offered, but to this same end we shouldn’t throw stones when living in a glass house.

  3. Ray Van says:

    The way I read and understood Tony’s position is that he has NOT rorted the taxpayers, he used his entitlements as the article says.
    We both agree however htat ministers have a lot of room for improvement in their etiquette and behaviour as our elected representatives. It seems once elected they join the parliamentary herd and off they go!

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