Transport, Liverpool and Western Sydney

I had the very great pleasure of attending a transport workshop this past weekend put on by the WSPTU Transport Symposium 2011 at Dooley’s Lidcombe, some interesting speakers but mostly genuine everyday people discussing the needs of our communities. Amazing to me is what you don’t know when you don’t use public transport all that often and how much so many of our community would benefit if more of it was available to them. The two speakers from the Institute of Transport & Logistics and UWS were interesting however very pro user pays, which is fine for those who can pay, surely we can find a system that meets the needs of all people without dropping them all in the same basket thereby disadvantaging those who cannot afford either cars or local transport. We really need to think outside the box on some of these issues, I agree there is no such thing as Free – somewhere someone pays but surely we can do better.  Also of interest was the Fellow from Premier cabs, wow … I’ve not actually been in a taxi for years but man they strike me as expensive, if a trip from Liverpool Station to Bonnyrigg on Saturday night cost my daughter $30… Sadly I don’t think it’s the Taxi driver who’s winning in this scenario either. All in all a great day surrounded by passionate people and a number of Greens, funny how that works isn’t it?

The Pictures are of the Liverpool Contingent of the Liverpool Transport Taskforce (from the top, Me with George Smith the LTTF President, the Liverpool Group) andto the left are a few associates from the Greater Western Sydney Greens. On the down side, it was announced that LCC was asked to send a speaker to discuss our innovative approach to local parking issues, however there was no one in attendance on the day.

Well done to Hugh Worrall and Amy Williams and the organisers for a very informative event.

On another matter today 15th is one year exactly since the Council Chambers burnt to the ground… things have come a long way and my congrats to council staff for a year of outstanding service under somewhat trying circumstances.


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