Forums, clarification, submissions and sad news

I thoroughly enjoy my interaction with residents at community forums, of particular interest are the antics of some councillors, albeit at times entertaining they are not always accurate. But as elections are due in just over a year I am sure we can expect more and more as the month’s progress. I get particularly annoyed when a councillor attempts to disparage people in the community by misquoting and misrepresenting their view or blog information. When it is me you are attempting to ‘OUT’ councillor seriously… READ … the information, don’t just scan it, you need to understand a few things. 1) I don’t play games, Liverpool is way to important to me 2) what I write is clearly my opinion and is as well researched as possible 3) scanning as opposed to actually reading it isn’t sufficient considering poor memory skills, you really need to read the entire document and in context if you are attempting to draw attention to a comment I’ve made or a piece you have heard about. If reading my opinion is too much for you, don’t, remove your automatic notification from my site, thereby reducing your angst.

I apologise for the above clarification but when people insist on quoting my opinion I really do believe they should actually read it and not just jump to a conclusion based on a titbit of information gleaned from another source. There will be more of this I guess as we come close to elections, I’ve attended all the forums for years now, some Councillors come sporadically, many not at all… but that will change over the coming months as people wish to enlist your vote and think you are silly enough not to notice their lack of engagement previously.

I commend the forums as being your chance to actually voice opinion and concern relating to our city, I’ve learned a great deal from the staff presentations and encourage everyone who can to come along. A great deal can be achieved when people come together for a common cause as has been the case here in Liverpool.

Submissions: The local Leader paper has a weekly update of council happenings; albeit not an easy read it often provides a lot of useful information regarding proposed developments in our LGA. This week, actually today, the submissions are due relating to the proposed development of the site on the Hume Hwy & Gov Macquarie Drive. My submission is here on line, (see submissions) so feel free to read through them but my point is that a lot happens here in Liverpool and our staff are pretty good at advising the community through the paper, however unless you really look at what is happening you may just miss an opportunity to speak out ‘for’ or ‘against’ a particular project that is of importance to you… as I always say you won’t be heard if you don’t speak up.

Lastly a sad note, last week we all lost a beloved member and friend, Simone Morrissey was struck down with a brain aneurism and heart attack and died at the tender age of 24, Simone was the Greens candidate for Menai at the last election and will be missed by those who knew her, appreciated her zest for life and her commitment to our community. Rest Peacefully Simone, you left us to soon and you will be missed.

 OOPS sorry nearly forgot, last week I reported that the Council meeting date for September was either wrong or the day moved, I can now say that it was moved to a Wednesday, 28th, I’m not sure why at this point but will advise when I do, as I know many people schedule activities (most especially staff I imagine) and the change of day should have a damn good reason not merely as rumoured that one particular councillor will be away so wanted to change the date…for his convenience. This is not in my opinion a good enough reason to inconvenience so many. More when I know more… but please note the day change, this meeting in the past has been where councillors nominate for committees etc, my hope this year (as I think last year) is that Councillors only put their hand up for committees they actually plan to attend, the absentee rate of councillors this year has been around 50% which is woeful.


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