National Tree Day 31.7.11

Beautiful weather, lots of lovely people, sunshine and lots of plants, that’s how many of us spent Sunday morning this week. What a stunning start to Sunday, prepared ground, well mostly, great spirits and lots to do.

We are truly blessed in our fabulous city, we have lots of open space and lots of passionate people… below are some of the shots taken with my trusty phone, pretty much from go to woe… the final shots are of the rural Firies watering in all those young plants. 

Phillip of course enjoyed his new find, a pick to bash and crash at any unwanted pieces of concrete, Cllr Lucas and his wife were there and to his surprise no other councillors…  I reminded him this is the first he attended since 2008, so I guess we can expect a few more councillors perhaps at next year’s tree planting…2012.

As I said we are truly blessed to have such amazing open spaces and my hope is that we plant far more trees than we do metres of concrete… whilst concrete pavement is important, it adds to the heat generated by reflection etc so over planting with trees will cool down our local area, freshen the air and provide time proven relief from stress and worry. Who would have thought that the humble tree could do so much, we all know how good they look…

As always young Phillip and I drive past previous tree day plantings and its great watching his chest swell when he realises he was part of the transformation, albeit in such a small way, we can all make a difference. Take a look at Light horse Park, South Park and just under the M7 on Hoxton Park Rd as the three other local National Tree Days sites and see how they have all grown!

 Congrats as always to the council staff who set up, prepared the area and Joel for digging those holes, to the Local Lions club for their much loved sausage sizzle and cold drinks, the face painting lady, the river keeper and the reptile lass who entertained both young and old…with frogs, croc, lizards  and my favourite the tawny frog mouth… I just love watching people’s faces as they come in contact, sometimes for the first time, with our amazing creatures. Enjoy the pictures and excuse my indulgence, Phillip often features (what can I say he’s my boy ;-D – the four high res pics on the right have been sent through by the staff at council… enjoy!


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