Full Agenda the response…26.7.11

Last night’s council meeting is as always pretty full… there are a number of things of interest, however the one I feel has the greater community a little aghast is the I-pads for councillors. Well without so much as a whisper that was rubber stamped through… so the rest of this sentence is redundant I do hope reason overtakes in their deliberations and that instead of making I-pads available to each councillor it becomes an either or situation. As a ratepayer I have no objection to councillors being reimbursed for costs incurred and basic access to laptops or computers etc… I do however believe it should be: either a Laptop, desktop or an I-pad…I truly believe only is necessary. Again it will be interesting to see how many of our councillors decide to attend the Local Govt Association of NSW annual conference, This was a lengthy discussion with the final outcome being called 7 and only 6 noms on the board and plenty of discussion, all in all left open to see who wanted to go or was available, I’ve been commenting on this for years now and agree we should be represented, I still have serious concerns as to why we need 7 people attending, when some councils don’t see enough value to send even 1. I am still to date waiting to see if a report of what happens or doesn’t is to be tabled...Perhaps with an election due next year we may just see a full report. As to the proposal to suggest Australia Post takes responsibility for damage to grassed footpaths and trip liability… while I cannot see this gaining unilateral support for the motion if by some chance it did, I quickly see Aus Post refusing to deliver to any home not supplied with concrete footpathsIt was removed (YAY-embarrassment) then added back in further down the page….back to embarrassment ;-(

Other interesting matters are that of the school of arts building development, the back dated payments for JRPP members   and the whole lot proposal for No 1 Hoxton Park Rd through to Memorial Avenue.  Here we had some genuine tomfoolery, playing with dates like they meant nothing, in the end clarity was missing and confusion reigned… the Big loser was 2GLF, they I understand are now in a type of  limbo and the comment  (I believe I heard from the GM-sound from that end of the room was ordinary and distorted) was is it really councils problem to relocate them? Perhaps I’ve misunderstood but cannot see where that comment might fit the general discussion, happy for someone to clarify this The big win for rural residents in that another $120,000 is being added to the $127,000 refurbishment of the Greendale Rd Bringelly Hall… I’m hoping for the $247,000 this community centre is being used by lots and lots of local people… when I’m sure there are other centres who could benefit as much who don’t have any of the 127,000 already allocated. No real discussion re allocating the funds only that they would be redirected to Bringelly  I would have thought that $120,000 may well be directed to the proposed new Library the Rural residents are screaming out for or the upgrade of Miller… alas that is on the list of matters to discuss also, along with Regan Park Cllr Lucas scored a win on this as Regan Park was removed from the rezoning , DA delegations,(?) and the financial impact to be sought from the Hoxton Park Resident Action Group As this went into closed session I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Cllr Hadchiti continues his media directed comments and shares the result for tomorrows papers. I was also delighted to read that many of my suggestions (&others) for the Cabramatta Creek Wetland POM were listened to and that investigations will be ongoing into the use of “roundup’ as I forwarded some very disturbing information out of the US and how it is being banned there because of potential  birth defects etc. As usual the reports were bundled and rubber stamped, some councillors hadn’t even read this one as  they had to ask how many attendees and how many submissions For the record 4 and 2 (mine was one and is on this blogsite) As I said this is was a full agenda and there are many other matters than those few I’ve mentioned here. This council meeting finished at about 10.30, Councillor Lucas had the next two meetings deferred however unless they are moving the September meeting to a Wednesday no one noticed the wrong date alas I’ll show up on the 26th and if no one is there I’ll guess it was changed to the 28th.Don’t’ forget it is now held at the Francis Greenway Centre on the south side of the Library at 7pm…Do come up and say hi… To the residents of Casula I met prior to the start, I wish I could clarify the outcome for you, but it did get a little confusing, I do hope all works out well for you.


As always I’m happy to have comments added… its’ sometimes quite difficult to get a clear outcome, many residents leave wondering what happened, so if you were there and understood the results differently please let me know…




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