If I were on Liverpool Council – State Planning reform

If I were on Liverpool council I would move the following motion:


State Planning Reform motion

That the Council

a)      Supports the repeal of Part 3A of the Environmental Protection and Planning Act and all moves to return planning to local communities for determination.

b)      Recognises that the amended Environmental Protection and Planning Act will still allow for State Significant Infrastructure and Developments to be exempted from Coastal Protection Act, the Heritage Act, the National Parks and Wildlife Act¸ the Rural Fires Act, the Native Vegetation Act and the Water Management Act among others.

c)      Notes that the Government’s new planning regime relies significantly on JRPPs and PACs.  

d)      Notes that JRPPs have effectively taken all major developments that affect a region out of the hands of the elected members of Council and the General Managers of a council.

e)      Notes that JRPPs have a majority of members appointed by the Minister for Planning (3) including the Chairperson who has a casting vote and that the Deputy Chair who is elected from the State appointees.

f)       Notes that like JRPPs, the Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC) also has a majority of members appointed by the Minister meaning that decisions may not take into account community and local council concerns.

g)      Calls for further reform of planning in NSW including the abolition of JRPPs and the PAC and their replacement with more equitable, representative and transparent bodies.

The key here is that a little has changed but not enough and certainly not as much as was promised. All this is enormously important for a city like Liverpool with our green field developments, big business buying up huge tracts of land and our development. More consideration should be given to bringing decisions back to the community through elected councillors, not minister appointees. Thanks to MCL David Shoebridge’s office for sharing this and the continued support of local councils and the residents.

From time to time I will continue to share ideas and proactive measures I would like to see in place for our city.

Don’t’ forget Monday is a Council meeting at the Greenway centre just beside the Liverpool Library, I’ll be spending a good portion of my weekend reading the minutes no doubt and look forward to seeing you there on Monday at 7pm.


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