Local reading!

I was thinking this morning that other than forums I hadn’t been out and about as much as usual so have caught up on some local reading etc, when I came upon the latest addition to the champion comments by to the editor “ Time to cool off over carbon tax”




@ Cllr Harle, thanks for the promotion, however the Greens are not the Govt. That said, you and your colleagues (no disclaimer so speaking for all in the local coalition) narrow thinking and failure to consider better practice options is an embarrassment to those forward thinking people in our city. The comment Greens Generated Tax , sheesh, the tax will be paid by the top 500 polluters, the trickle down of the 0.07% will make its way to the community, true however the Nation’s Top Economists are saying it’s the only way to go…instead Mr Abbott, wants every one of us to pay more tax to support those same biggest polluters, to do what, keep on polluting? Don’t you think for one minute the Mr’s BHP’s etc, that if their profits may be affected they might look at how to reduce the tax too? Passing it on is one thing but at what cost when in fact they can improve their operations .

Please bring yourself out of the dark ages, the sky is not falling and what we are suffering NOW in the way of huge electricity bills is not because of the pollution tax it has more to do with people who failed to think ahead and make necessary repairs, changes and improvements.

We have clear thinking people who understand the need to take action and as nearly all our community will be assisted, the very least our councillors can do is investigate ways of cleaning up our Councils act, other councils have managed to not only make improvements but install energy efficient assets to their community buildings.

Just as a matter of interest, have you considered that if under the present government numbers layout, had the Liberal leader Mr Abbott had decided to work with the MPCCC instead of spending outlandish amounts of money running around the country boohooing everything, he could have participated and brought even more people into the discussion.

This close number (non huge majority) government has done one thing we should all be proud of, instead of one party having all the say; for once we have real discussion, real outcomes and a chance at a real future. No matter who your favourite party is, everyone’s representative is having a chance to provide input.

Thanks to Bill Cashman for bringing some facts to the community, this is an important topic and we should have lots of discussion and quote reputable sources of information not merely those of climate deniers and scare mongers.

on another topic…lots of local matters to consider, check out ON EXHIBITION on the council website…. http://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/home.htm#exhibition and don’t forget if you don’t speak up on a matter, you won’t be heard.


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