I’m over it! Lets get some truth into the argument

Everywhere you turn , some politician or shock jock is bemoaning the carbon pollution tax. As a small business owner, I keep hearing how the carbon tax will affect me… no one is talking about the fact that over the last 18mths to 2yrs my electricity bill at the office has risen about 60%, give me the carbon tax pricing anytime as long as  someone else can wear the cost of poor maintenance I’m paying for now… we need to separate these issues, people are being scared by existing electricity hikes, but no one is telling them why they are happening now and it has nothing to do with the supposed carbon Tax, a  price on pollution to be  paid by the biggest polluters…

The sky is not falling, it’s simply that through the Howard years federally and the Numerous Leaders in State politics no one paid the maintenance costs, power poles and lines are shot. Howard actually bragged about banking my taxes…. if some of that money (you know that great big surplus) had been redirected to maintenance of sooo much infrastructure, we the people wouldn’t be struggling and certainly not under the proposed weight of a small flow on from the carbon pollution tax. My biggest increases aren’t going to happen, they are happening now and you simply cannot blame a tax that won’t be introduced until next July.

So why am I over it… we need to look after our planet, like it or not, we’ve stuffed it, so we need to fix it, I probably won’t see all the improvements in my lifetime, but I hope for my grandsons sake by the time he is 60 (50yrs from now) we will have at least made some real move towards undoing the crap we and those before us have managed to create. Neither the oceans nor the sky are tips, we need to stop treating them like it.

In the mean time, let’s stop whining about a tax that isn’t going to even happen until July 2012, ask what the present governments can do to assist in the back log of maintenance, pull back on personal waste and be glad the biggest polluters in this country will finally stop putting their hand out for subsidies and put their hand in their pocket to fix a problem they helped create.

You are welcome to disagree with me, but please don’t argue the science, cleverer people than I have proven it and I couldn’t even if I wanted to (which I don’t) argue it appropriately, tell me what we can do as a society to make real changes now… be it protecting our farm lands, our water ways, maybe even expect more of our politicians to get maintenance done on our failing infrastructure, because at the end of the day,most of the big increases are happening now.


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