Coopers, Intermodal’s, council meetings and much

What a busy week, Sunday I attended the Intermodal protest at Clinches Pond supporting the residents against the monster-modal and the Coopers paddock development. 96 people signed one of the petitions, along with the other petitions signed for the intermodal, chats with many of the 600 or so people attending – Congrats to FLG Member Craig Reedy for being the voice of the community concerns on channel 10.

Mondays council meeting was ‘interesting’ some of the councillor’s behaviour was as usual less than impressive to the point of tantrums but alas we expect no less these days.

Tuesday: The Community Mental Health forum at Liverpool Catholic club was terrific and very informative; I don’t often take days off work but am so glad I did and appreciate the efforts in bringing this to almost 200 residents of Liverpool answering many questions that I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves in the past. Congrats to Sharyn for organising it and those specialists who attended and provided lots of information. Congrats also to L’pool Catholic Club for providing both the venue and catering. Sad again was that the event was supported by the Mayor and her Local & Federal MP’s but none of the our other councillors were in attendance. I am dismayed that albeit it a worthy cause, politics appears to have prevented their support. The NAIDOC event was at the same time so sadly I missed attending that, however watched the tag-team between Mayor Waller and Mp Lynch as they both attended both.

Tuesday night’s forum at Mill road was also interesting and gave me the opportunity to ask a question of the council officer that I’d been asked at Clinches Pond on the Sunday.  Answer: The GPTS had to be cleaned out when Heathcote Road was at its least busy; therefore Council Staff were there on a Sunday to attend to this need… that’s info for the fellows who asked me why staff were working there on the Sunday?

Tonight is the final event for the relay for life for 2011, we did so well its’ amazing the entire Liverpool Group raised in excess of $48,600 of which our small team did $2300 +, what an amazing effort and congrats to those who participated and sponsored the relay this year. On a sad note one of our Liverpool Participants, Donna who started the relay off this year, succumbed to cancer this week, rest peacefully Donna, your strength is an inspiration to all, our thoughts are with Maggie, the family and team.

Thursday night is the Leaders Forum at the Francis Greenway centre, while not all Mp’s will be in attendance I’m looking forward to another feisty event. It is open to the public, starts at 7pm, all welcome.

Last thing, submissions for Collingwood and Councillors Pay are due today, the Cabramatta Wetlands due on the 6th July. If you don’t speak up you won’t be heard!


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