Issues, groups and mass destruction

Reading through today’s papers it seems no matter where you turn in Liverpool, there is an issue and a new action group, whether it’s the proposed Intermodal, the Hoxton Park Road access issues, M5  widening and no noise walls, the sewerage in West Hoxton, the SSFL Noise walls in Casula, Edmondson Park (almost sorted me thinks, or just beginning) Road access through Georges Fair, the  Marina (albeit more an asset than an issue) and now the proposed  recycling depot near the new estate of Georges Fair, crematoria etc in the rural areas, parks being sold for commercial gain in Moorebank, tree lopping/destruction and of course the ongoing road and repair issues. Not to even mention the ongoing harassment and bullying in council, will we ever be on top of all of this?

As a concerned citizen as I am, I struggle to get to all of them. An extraordinary meeting of council has been called for this evening, unless it goes a little late, I‘ll not be able to attend because of another meeting but we seem to be moving through an inordinate number of issues. The question then has to be asked W H Y? Is Liverpool the new Tempe Tip?  No offence to Tempe but just about everything no one else wants is getting thrust on us here in Liverpool.

Ok, I don’t have all the answers but I thought when we elected our own council, much of this would subside because we’d have people fighting for us, and in reality I’m sure some of them are trying but sheesh.

I was searching around our city for the positives and trust me there are plenty, but in this case I was looking for achievements of our local elected… and in fairness, graffiti isn’t getting the press it did, I’ve seen some work on some of the gateways (although I had to laugh when a resident asked at a forum when they would be starting- oops… perhaps they haven’t changed that much) and of course the vocal rural residents have now got their own cleanup crew but even they aren’t achieving the goals they’d have hoped for.

So here is my question: what would you do if you could achieve something here in Liverpool… are these simply growing pains or is there something amiss ??

2 Responses to Issues, groups and mass destruction

  1. Warren Rawlings says:

    I note in the Local Paper that the council now want IPad’s so that they can be up to-date with what’s happening. As i don’t and can’t attend thier meeting i mostly rely on the local papers. However a drive around the local streets would bring them up to date with the disrepair of the local bus route around Miller/ Hinchinbrook and green Valley areas.

    • Signe says:

      Hi Warren,
      Welcome to Signe4

      You are correct in saying the councillors are calling for an Ipad, I believe they should be calling for either a PC, Laptop or Ipad, being issued with 2 items is excessive, particularly as you say, we have a back log of infrastructure exceeding $200M they could see for themselves by driving around and interacting with the people in the community. I’m pretty sure that up to 10,000 odd dollars could be better used addressing some of the backlog, including bus stops, road maintenance etc. Let’s hope enough of the community voice a concern and this excess is curtailed.

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