if I were on Liverpool Council

Like many in the community I’m deeply concerned at the direction the O’Farrell government is taking in regards to industrial relations and payment of our Public Servants… especially with the majority employers in Liverpool being Government e.g. Liverpool Hospital.  This far reaching proposal is likely to plummet our community back to the days of strikes and union action. We need to protect our Public Service and in this instance my understanding is it will weave its way into our council staff entitlements also.

I believe our Liberal council will not work against their state colleagues, the Labor minority would probably support me but alas while we aren’t represented by true balance this is but a pipe dream.

My proposed motion would be: (as adopted by Blue Mountains City council)

That Liverpool City council:

1.       Condemns the NSW Government’s proposed legislation to remove public sector workers rights to an independent umpire on wages and conditions, leaving public service wages and conditions solely in the hands of the Minister for Finance;

2.       Calls on the State Member for the Liverpool and Macquarie Fields, MP’s Lynch & McDonald to vote against the legislation on behalf of the public sector workers in the Liverpool LGA

3.       Calls on all Members of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly to vote against the legislation.

 This proposal will have profound impact on families in our city, on the job prospects and direction of our younger people and drive many away from the essential services in this state. At a time when job security is concern enough we should be encouraging people into public service not scaring them away.


4 Responses to if I were on Liverpool Council

  1. Ursula says:

    It is so nice to know a “People’s Champion”. You go girl!

  2. Its so simply, its brilliant! Imagine a council that put forward the wishes of their constituents. I love it! Go Greens!

    • Signe says:

      thanks Hon, I think from time to time we miss some great opportunities to let the community know how we will work for them. I also have the privilege of working with some great minds in the Greens, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of that too.

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