Collingwood Precinct Plan of Management

Collingwood Precinct Management Plan.. What a delight to be amongst passionate people, last night council hosted an information session seeking feedback from the community about the Collingwood precinct. This site was declared An Aboriginal Place of significance in March 2009, and there are a number of hoops that need to be jumped through in order to protect this beautiful area overlooking the Georges River.

Sadly the facilitator, although lovely, was clearly out of her depth on the topic content and none of our councillors chose again not to turn up, a healthy discussion was held amongst the attendees.

The council staff as always did their best to answer questions and I believe we will be heard. However, this is an important block of land, what happens to it, how it is protected and what synergy can be created amongst our significant sites and parks is worthy of your time and comment. Please log onto:

and click on the link or call into the council offices or Libraries and have a look, take a few minutes and make a comment. This is proposed to be a 10 year plan; we need to take all the necessary steps to protect this little piece of Australian History right here in Liverpool.


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