a night at the theatre

On Saturday I had the utmost pleasure attending a play “the Window” at the Fairfield Powerhouse Youth theatre, this 100 seat theatre last night became transformed by the delightful performances of a group of amazing people. Brought to us by Beyond Vision , Fairfield Council and an accessible arts –Don’t dis-my-Ability grant”  a year of skill building and creative development and a delightful script by Gisele Mesnage  that,  9 weeks ago ,was one scene with  a hint of the third and not much else. Gisele worked her magic and with the dedication and passion of the small ensemble we were spell bound by their simple story and delightful presentation. I’ve lots of pictures of the after party but first let me share a little about the show: set in the bowels  of the Cave radio station, this small ensemble shared the story of 8 workers, a tea lady (Janaleen Rose Wolfe) , an advertising director, (Nidhi Shekaran), a News Producer (Renata Halusek), the manager, (Cuneyt Yusef), the News reader (Darren McDonald) , of course the DJ (Ben Phillips), Dawn (Freya Higgins) and the Window cleaner (Boonthye Teh)..  In  about an hour and a quarter we were walked through the perceptions and struggles of this small group as they followed the news reports and failed to see the what was really happening all about them. By the end they’d seen through The Window to relish the joys happening all about them in the real world… while my description doesn’t do it justice I do hope other theatres will pick it up and showcase it, our Own CPAC could seat 3 times as many  and bring this delightful little production to a larger audience.

Thank you to Lee Rhiannon for bringing this to my attention and for inviting me along…


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