Sorry Day

Hauntingly beautiful and beautifully played

I have just returned from the Sorry Day ceremony at the Regional Museum, each year that I’ve attended I learn something new or understand the trauma better than before. Today one of the Lady Elders (I didn’t get her permission so I won’t state who she was) recounted the cruelty of her incarceration at a Girls home in Cootamundra. I imagine I’m not the only one horrified by these stories, I watched along with others as she struggled with the part of her history that scarred her for life. My attendance is insignificant in that I can only learn to understand, but I can support and lobby for the change that is needed. For a long time I actually thought not being indigenous meant I couldn’t attend, however the more I learn the more I realise that it’s an imperative, we didn’t live the horrors although we can prevent them happening again but we can only do this when we understand the depths of the hurt inflicted on the stolen ones and their families.

I apologise for the quality of the photo’s, as always I forgot my camerRaising the Flagsa but did have my trusty phone. I love the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo – and the skill it takes to ‘play’ it.

Sadly other than Cllr Stanley who  represented the Mayor who had another appointment, no councillors were in attendance. 

Knowing the Collingwood precinct plan of management is on public exhibition all  information helps me understand the significants of this site. I encourage you to have a look and make a comment


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