What a shambles

Following what was sincerely an awful council meeting, disappointing in so many ways I’ve forwarded a letter to the Editor of the Liverpool Champion (below) in response to his article last week calling for unity within council. I believe that these self obsessed individuals aren’t working for Liverpool; they are playing silly childish political games that in the long run will do us more harm than good. Sad on so many levels! Whilst the Lib/Inds have attempted to remove the spokesperson role from the Mayor I do believe it is beyond their scope of control and if I were the Mayor I’d simply ignore it, the people of Liverpool decide who the Mayor and spokesperson is, not the councillors. Also sad is much of what is happening is reminiscent of what they did to the previous General Manager, simply put as bullying.

I spoke with the Mayor after the meeting and was impressed with her ability to work through rather than become angered by the situation, and despite what councillor Lucas said about her contact with the community I am still taken back to her representation when the council chambers burned to the ground and the strength she had holding and bringing the troops together…

The Matters of the letters to and from MPs etc was another shambles, Cllr Hadchiti asking for a list of Civic functions to not Invite Member Paul Lynch is laughable to say the least. Again it’s more about politics than representation of Liverpool.

Editor Liverpool Champion: online post to the editor:

Dear Eric.

In light of your comments in last week’s paper regarding the divisions in our council I am horrified that the Liberal/independent  contingent of council at the council meeting on the 23rd May 2011 have used their numbers to remove the elected Mayor as spokes person for Liverpool City Council. Any hope I had of our councillors being able to work together is sincerely lost as the venom with which our council meetings has become is both disheartening and in many cases reprehensible.

Whether or not Ms Waller is ‘your’ personal choice as mayor, the majority of people within Liverpool elected her as their mayor and spokesperson. I don’t recall any time when the election of councillors superseded the will of the people, regardless of the margin of her election.

There is 16months left in the term of this council, any chance of expecting them to work as a united group is all but lost. With the Liberal contingent last year attempting to strip away the income of the mayor and now to remove her as Liverpool’s spokesperson is perhaps that step too far.

Signe Westerberg”

To me, this game playing undermines any real activity that is going on, taking focus off what is important in the name of petty politics.

Lastly: don’t forget the Operational plan submissions are due this week, comments from the community will guide the directions taken so don’t miss your opportunity to have a say.


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