Forums and such

This has been so far a quiet week, forums days have been changed and family events have meant I’ve not been out in the community as much as usual… all of which is enjoyable, but I miss the interaction with the community.

The cooler weather does make me feel more inclined to achieve many of those things at home I simply cannot face during the hot weather so all in all things are pretty good. Knowing that in the coming months I will be again walking the streets of Liverpool to make sure our locals know there are other options for the upcoming council elections I guess the old saying make hay while the sun shines is apt.

One might think that locally it’s been quiet, though looking at the council website there are some things happening one might like to be involved with or attend. (below) Add to these there are council forums, community group meetings and much more, plenty to do for the community minded.

Of course the Operational plan still on exhibition and I encourage all to read and comment on this important document, so far (& I’m not finished reading) there is much the same as last year, I’m not sure what I hoped for but councillors have gone to great lengths to tell attendees at different functions/meetings  that zero based accounting would mean greater control over spending and that much would be done, whilst I’m hopeful this is the case I’m yet to see a lot of change, also it is reasonable to assume that within a council much of what is done is regular , scheduled and expected work with little to no room to adjust or manipulate… again, I’m not finished and do encourage all people of Liverpool to view and comment.

Upcoming events as listed on Councils  WebPages:

So for now, enjoy the cooler weather, take time to read and see what is happening in our fair city and as usual, if something of interest appears I’ll do my best to make sure you are aware and if possible engaged.

In closing, much of what I share here is available through local media, I attempt to bring information together and as I meet with numerous people across many councils and people within our own area I do what I can to disseminate that information and opinion, it is important to me that confidential matters discussed in committees I attend as your representative eventually make it to the public arena, however, not until it is made public. I maintain the confidentiality required to achieve appropriate outcomes.


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