Our River, committees and comments

I had the pleasure last night of attending two of the committees on which I am the community representative, the Councils Environmental Advisory committee and the GRCCC (Georges River Combined Councils committee where I’m the Upper Georges River representative. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the things that are happening for and along our river. Sadly as with most things progress is slow, but the proposed plans for the old golf course site at Casula should open up the area for more of the community to share and enjoy, while the water quality monitoring and research into options for flood mitigation and control are quite interesting to say the least. The new road commencing soon along the rail link by the ARTC is a key factor in opening up this area, as are proposed bike paths and assorted community use ideas being put forth by CPAC and council. There is reason to be optimistic and hopeful that we can capitalise on one of our greatest assets and allow more and more of our community to appreciate the River. These are still early days as construction of the road will take some time, we still haven’t been able to secure noise mitigation for the residents at Casula,  ironically one of the attendees at the GRCCC meeting held at the Casula Powerhouse commented to me they had no idea the freight trains made so much noise, I am hopeful .

For more information on what is happening along our river log onto www.georgesriver.org.au there are pictures and reports and of course links to associated sites.

I am as frustrated as the next person that there is so much i dotting and T crossing that needs to be done before a project gets done, I am delighted to say, watch this space, we have ideas, plans,  hopes and aspirations for our river city all of which take time, more than I’d like, but sincerely worth  waiting for.


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