Comments and moving on.

There have been a few comments on this site over the last couple of days, welcomed I can assure you, even though in most cases neither nice nor supportive, I encourage people to comment, disagree and voice their own opinions.  I do post them all contrary to a comment made recently as I believe it gives you an insight into those who comment as well. It had me wonder, if I didn’t make comment about the goings on I see in Liverpool, would those same people then attack me for not keeping true to my word back when I ran for council in 2008, ‘that regardless of the outcome I would continue to watch, comment and make public the things I see happening all around us’. This morning I ran into another local who encouraged me keep posting, interestingly we don’t always agree but he too acknowledged that all interaction and comment was valuable. He shares many of my concerns and interests in Liverpool albeit from different perspectives and believes raising awareness of issues surrounding us was important.  I believe the average person is often too busy to engage and to provide a website where all and sundry can read, review, disagree and comment was worthwhile. Having been in the same situation previously in that raising my family and working was consuming enough without the need to scour the papers, read all the council docs I can get my hands on etc so I do that, in the hope that a more informed, more readily available source of information will encourage participation by more people. I attend all council meetings and committee meetings with very, very few exceptions and where I can relay your views and opinions as your community representative.

So onto other important matters: I’ve been advised that at each of the community forums over the coming weeks there will be a presentation made by Council Staff about the Operational and Delivery Plans for Liverpool. I’ve not finished reading them but so far am finding them well written and informative and I encourage you to come along and get your hands on a copy and make comment. I particularly like the 9 core directions, all of which I believe will resonate with Liverpudlians as desirable outcomes, most of which were covered in commitments from all the candidates who ran for council in 2008.

Also as mentioned previously, the Collingwood precinct POM (Plan of Management) is open to discussion and comment and I encourage you to look into that as well…and to comment if you have an idea, suggestion or view not covered.

For now, keep those comments coming; keep watch, as I attempt to keep you abreast of changes and happenings in our city. And above all your opinion is valued even if we don’t agree.


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