Council meeting 18.4.11

Another marathon meeting however this is one I do feel we’ve had a little success… that first, last night I addressed council on two matters, 1) the proposal to limit speakers at council and the other 2) to save the little pocket park on Willan Drive Cartwright and we (the community) were successful with both. YAY! I’ve attached the draft of what I said Here

Fortunately one councillor decided to support us with the pocket park (Cllr McGoldrick) and on the issue of people addressing councillors (Cllr Hadchiti) supported us and convinced the others. Interestingly last night had the largest speaker list  I’ve seen at council in some time, in all 16 people registered to voice an opinion and let’s face it there could have been no better timing. The reality is Council meetings are the only place a community member can address the councillors all at the same time and in public. This is especially important if you need to voice your opinion before they vote on an outcome.

Unfortunately this was a very long meeting (11.10pm)with a very long agenda and very few stayed to the end where they could have heard Councillor Hadchiti vehemently oppose Cllr Harle’s motion to move the Miller library into the shopping centre, a long held hope for the much loved but much worn library at Miller.

What you will hear in the paper tomorrow is the purchase of 33 Moore has gone ahead, as the Champion reported last week the purchase price was $19.1m, we’ve now been advised the insurance was $19.4m and we still own 1 Hoxton park Rd which is valued at approx 9 million… so there are options and many discussions ahead. The one that got my attention was that the renovations to 33 will be paid for by the tenants over a 7 year period, a good option. The General Manager did propose that a commuter bus will be on the agenda for trafficking people who park free at Collimore into the CBD which is a long hoped addition to our parking strategy, more on that as the detail becomes clear. Discussions were had about free parking in the building for ratepayers etc in the building on business with council… again more will come to light as the months go by. The GM also explained in detail the need for confidentiality and this is understandable considering the vast amounts of money at play. Although the hope is to be as open as possible on the many matters that cross Liverpool.

So for now, we’ll celebrate our successes, mourn the loss of No 1 Hoxton Park Rd as the council office, at least until we hear which option is taken, sit and have a picnic in our little park and know that speaking to the councillors is still possible at council meetings. Not to bad a result along with the numerous other matters discussed, argued and even debated all that with the added inclusion of nonsense and carry on that we’ve come to know and expect. Councillors also approved the Collingwood Precinct Plan of Management to be put up for exhibition, so watch out and comment, this is an important piece of Liverpool history and what happens there matters!

Don’t forget, Eastern Forum tonight at Moorebank community  centre, the draft meeting code for that will be on display and up for discussion so do come along, share a thought and a coffee…it starts at 7pm.

Tomorrow evening is our Liverpool Fairfield Greens meeting and thank you supper for our fabulous volunteers, 6pm at my office at Level 5… our meetings are open to the public but you need to be prompt as the building closes at 6pm or call 0403139825 for someone to come down and let you in.

Easter and ANZAC day are this weekend so to you and yours may it be the celebration you want, the respectful event you hope for, the rest you need and time with loved ones. I’ll see you at the Dawn Service in Bigge Park and be back on board raring to go after 5 days off.

To my youngest man as he reaches double figures HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY PHILLIP… I love you heaps and heaps.


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