Signed, sealed and delivered!

According to the Liverpool Champion the documents are signed, sealed and delivered… we the ratepayers of Liverpool via Liverpool City council, now own 33 Moore Street. Whilst I’ve commented previously on the pluses and negatives of this proposal the thing that saddens me most is that at no time did the same ratepayers (or I’d guess staff)  get asked or have an opportunity to really voice their approval or disapproval of such a hefty investment.

 According to the paper they paid $19.1Million dollars (roughly what the old building was worth) now the question remains where will they get the estimated 3-4million dollars to do the upgrades and renovations required to number 33, will it come from the sale of number 1, will they (the councillors) decide that going into debt for the asset is worth it, while they have opposed this previously to impose a 9% increase included in our rates, is there the chance  that it is now extended beyond the 5years or will it be left as is? All these questions and more will need to be answered and according to Cllr Lucas “As for the Council building whatever the decision is made it will be for the future of Liverpool and just as a political expediency.” Which raises the next question, what is the political expediency to which he referred? Noting that our supposed independents played a pivotal role in the just past State election for the Liberal party could one ask as the majority voters is there a liberal party initiative at play here? Was the decision unanimous, will we ever find out? With so much done ‘in confidence’ I guess we’ll never really know.

What of the parking concerns of the residents? Whilst I have a couple of viable ideas, it will be most interesting to see what the councillors deem necessary for us to know and what they feel not necessary.

How do you feel about the purchase? Please feel free to comment,  my previous postings are still here so please look around and share your views.


5 Responses to Signed, sealed and delivered!

  1. gary lucas says:

    If ever there was a load of uninformed rubbish you, Signe, managed to spread it. Never at any time had I used the words political expediency whilst refering to the purchase of 33 Moore St. Council has made the correct decision on the purchase of 33 Moore St and to your dismay there will not be further debt because of it. 1 Hoxton Park Rd is still to be determined without your interference with your mate Waller. Whilst talking about Waller could you and her explain how you both signed a petition, first 2 names were yours and Waller, objecting to the purchase of 33 Moore St when the location of the purchase site was discussed in committee as a whole in strict confidence. Strange how you Waller, Stanley and some labor stooge were sipping coffee straight after the meeting where the matter was discussed. Was this the way you were told of the confidential item?

    For the records 1 Hoxton Park rd was to be sold back in 2002 for $8 mil, supported by Waller, and a M.O.U was signed to relocate back to the CBD. The failure of the Oasis and the Council being thrown out due mismanagent and stupidity after losing $35 mil plus see this fail. Where were you and the labor dopes when this was to happen?

    Finally on another site you ranted on about the Miller Library in which you accused me of vehemently apposing the motion from Clr Harle. Contrary to your usual rantings I had in fact seconded the motion by Clr Harle and the motion, I believe was passed unaminously. Never let the truth get in the way of a deliberate political lie.

    Do us all a favour and bugger off.

    • Signe says:

      Cllr Lucas response addressing them from top to bottom:
      Please Sir before you say “never” check the response you made to an earlier post last paragraph under your sign off “As for the Council building what ever the decision is made it will be for the future of Liverpool and just as a political expediancy.” Spelling errors and all.
      Also where does it say I disagree with the purchase of No 33, please go back in my blog, you’ll see it as a suggestion of mine after the fire. You will also notice my reasons for a CBD Location.
      As for rates: my suggestion was if they were altered or if there was a debt incurred to pay for renovations: you’d hear from me, please read my comments carefully, I take my time and check them.
      I assume you mean Mayor Waller and a mate would imply a personal relationship of which there is none- professional /respectful perhaps but not personal.
      The coffee: you seem fixated with the fact that once (ever) I had a coffee with the Mayor and councillor Stanley. General discussion over coffee, no confidential matters were forthcoming, from memory it was an eventful council meeting and lent itself to much discussion other than the proposed purchase. As mentioned previously the Lib Inds must have felt similarly as they too stopped to coffee and chat after the same meeting. As for the other lady her name is Sharyn, just a note, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stooge around so lightly.
      The Petition, yes I did sign it in support of the residents opposing the move, yes I was close to the top but likely not 1 or 2. Mayor Waller to my knowledge was not at the 2168 function on the 19th at 9.30am as was I so I really cannot say if and when her signature was added.
      As to the location of the proposed purchase, numerous people suggested No 33 to me, probably because it’s been calling for public tender for some time and the enormous sign on the outside may have given that away.
      The next item is all news to me so thanks for the history lesson, I was not paying much attention to the council throughout the Oasis fiasco, needless to say go back through this blog and you’ll quickly see when I became interested in council and it’s goings on.
      The Miller Library, a couple of councillors spoke against Cllr Harle’s motion Cllr Hadchiti and I believed yourself, just because you second it, doesn’t mean you support it, it does however open it up for discussion and discussion was had.
      Just another couple of points: Councillor might I suggest your comments against Mayor Waller and Cllr Stanley are potentially litigious and suggest caution.
      To your final suggestion: Thanks but no thanks, I’ll continue to watch, listen and post.
      And finally, if reading my blog upsets you councilor, do yourself a favour and DON’T

  2. Rodger Anderson says:

    Ms.Westerberg, what a load of ill-informed and slanderous tripe. Thank heavens you were not successful in yur political aspirations in March. After this expose one must belief it was done out of either, ill informed, inept, ignorance of the facts that have been publically available, or a malicious and slanderous personal provcative attack on the General Manager of Liverpool City Council and his staff along with the councillors. The publication of this article should be a warning the general public of your attempts to either totally ignore, and inability to interpret, the facts or your ability to to troll the iniquitous gutters of public expression in attempts to undermine any approach by the Council to make a fully informed and community minded decision. You, like the rest of your colleagues of the Leftist Greens Movement are a blight on the accurate dissemination of any appropriate basis that is required for a productive and properly informed debate on public issues. Your tenure in any public office or any organisation should be closely scrutenised

  3. Signe says:


    Seems quoting from the Champion has you upset… the information of the council purchase contained in signed sealed and delivered was from the Liverpool Champion’s online post.
    My opinions of the councillors representing the Liberal party were my observations, however as you are a member of the same LCIT group I’m guessing you support them in their liberal agenda. Of course I’m fine with that, however if that is the case calling yourselves “independent” is a misnomer.
    As for the council staff… I have the utmost respect for them, they are for the most part hard working dedicated people and I challenge you to show me where I’ve said otherwise. My questioning the GM’s memory, clearly I had sought the opinions of others who heard the same things first but alas don’t let the truth get in the way of your comment, that matters nought to you.
    Had you not jumped on the band wagon so late you’d know my views on the relocation of council, I refer my posts back in August September last year.
    As for your comments re the Greens, seriously sticks and stones.
    And please call again.

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