all done and dusted..

Here we are 48hrs on the other side of the election, some good news, some disappointing and some just well-  news.

The amazing team (albeit small team) of people who helped us out on Election Day were fabulous and thank you once again. The result was a little better than in 2007 but we still have a way to go to educate, inform and advise the people of our area on the importance of voting for a progressive party rather than the same old same old. Alas the decisions are made and the future holds some interesting days I’m confident.

To my fellow polling booth members from across the political spectrum, thank you for your chats, your kindness and Tony Hadchiti –debates. The joy of politics for me is that each of us has an opinion and we live in a democracy where whether or not you agree we can debate, argue and disagree without fear of reprisal or repercussion.

So what from here, much of the same, I promised back in 2008 that whether elected or not I would continue, to watch, listen, participate and report all that happens in our fair city. I’m more than happy to hear comments and if  necessary disagreements so please comment where and if you will. 

I post my opinion on this blog, I seek to inform and educate (where I can) and share my view, so when elections come to pass, you the voter can read, check and decide whether or not I’m worthy of your vote, my hope is more and more of you enact that opportunity. To represent you I need to know what you want and what you think,  if you’d like to make comment privately simply start with NFP…not for publication and I’ll answer you directly. I’m not always right, I attempt to see things from all perspectives but unless I hear from you I’m guessing I’ve got it right.

Interesting days ahead and I’ll be right here reporting back to you on as many as I can… happy days to you and please watch this space.


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