8.3.11 quick up date

Forums are back in full swing, last night I had the pleasure of attending the Rural forum (previously Western forum) at Bringelly. This forum now boasts the highest number of attendees and a lively group it is. There is always something happening and last night had the Council do presentations on the proposed changes to the LLEP and seeking submissions regarding Growing Liverpool 20/21. Both items are on exhibition and it is well worth your time to check them out and make comment.

I was also taken to task by Pauline Rowe for not mentioning the speakers at last week’s Council meeting, somewhat remiss of me and in fairness there were several speakers including myself, Pauline spoke of the changes to the LLEP and Aunty Norma Shelley spoke on the proposed new council building. The resident in the middle of the acquisition of land at Edmondson Park also addressed the council; it was a busy night for speakers so to those I’ve forgotten please accept my apologies. In the Champion today is an invite to all who are interested in what is happening with the council chambers to attend a special meeting at the Greenway centre next Thursday the 17th. I need to check the time but I’m assuming it’s 7pm as with normal meetings.

Things are heating up on the campaign trail and I was up bright and early this morning to meet and greet the many lovely people heading off to work /school via Liverpool Rail station and Bus terminal. Thank you to those who kindly took our information and to Bill Cashman for his help in making sure many were able to read Green Voices on their way off to work today.

Tonight is the Intermodal Group meeting; I’ll be there at 7 pm so please come up and say hi.


2 Responses to 8.3.11 quick up date

  1. Tom Gough says:

    Found this on the Liberal Party YouTube site:

    How times and positions change! I was thinking of getting cheeky and posting a video response with the OMG episode on the Intermodal!

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