Big Weekend Round up

I am delighted to catch you up on what was a very busy weekend. Saturday I went to the launch of our Cabramatta Greens Candidate Daniel Griffiths, present were MLC John Kaye, Candidate for Fairfield Annie Nielsen, Macquarie Fields Candidate Bill Cashman, myself (Liverpool) and a number of ever so brilliant helpers to share the Greens message in Freedom Plaza  in Cabramatta.

This was followed by a busy afternoon walking around the streets of Sadleir chatting with residents and delivering numerous Leaflets in readiness for the upcoming election.

Sunday was of course Clean UP Australia day and my grandson and i had a terrific time meeting up with residents from all over as we worked on Lighthorse Park. Of particular delight was that the trees we planted on site on National Tree day last year are looking fantastic, it seems the rain etc must have come at just the right time as they are so big, lush and green. Sadly no councillors took the time out to work with us and their absence was noted yet again. Such a shame our councillors don’t consider this a great time to work in the community with the residents. Their loss however , as we all not only worked hard but achieved a great result.

Again on Sunday afternoon I continued to traverse the many streets of Sadleir and would like to thank the many lovely people I met and spoke with over the weekend. It was great dispelling some of the myths and lies told about the Greens by other parties in an attempt to discredit us and our efforts in the community.

Please also mark in your diaries: 19th the 2168 groups health event at PCYC, also on the 19th the WOW multicultural Festival at Rooty Hill. I’m still attempting to work out how to be at both ;-D


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