Council and Elections

Liverpool councillors never fail to amaze… sadly not inspire or enhance the outcomes of our city either. 😦

Monday night was another marathon… I left at 10.37 when they again went into closed session.  Seriously everything, ok not to exaggerate but sooooo MUCH is happening behind closed doors, I find as a rate payer totally unacceptable. I’ve read the act, I understand the need to protect innocent people but this commercial in confidence is going way too far. WE ARE EXCLUDED FROM THE DISCUSSION ABOUT OUR COUNCILS LOCATION!!!! It’s an insurance matter for Goodness sake. Then there was the 20-25 minutes debating the serial committee member (I couldn’t fathom a guess at who they were referring to) Lengthy discussions on garbage bins and a potential expense of over $300,000 to replace all in the CBD, it’s not like we have more pressing matters here in our LGA. I spoke about the supposed $175,000 in party invites to former LCC Awards recipients and former councillors… again it’s not like we have anything more important to spend our rates money on… I’ve attached the draft of my presentation for you to read here…I would hate for anyone to misunderstand my view as I truly value the efforts put forward by those dear and special people who have received recognition but we are a little behind the eight ball – $200million – in infrastructure backlog. Congratulation to Milan Marecic who has been appointed to the position he has been acting in since the GM’s restructure. I had to email and ask as this also was discussed in closed session, hopefully his appointment received the full support of the councillors, however as done in confidence we’ll never know for sure.

One point I’d like to clarify here, especially after one councillor totally fabricated an answer to a matter discussed… some of us sit there meeting after meeting, we hear what is said, we understand the English language and we remember…to have people come up to me during the meeting and after to  say that the councillor “lied or stated facts differently”  since the last meeting on the topic being discussed is woeful. Councillors if you don’t know what was said, or you can’t remember – don’t say anything, fabricating answers is not appropriate, whilst there is no clear way to prove what is said or not said  as we don’t have access to the tapes of meetings, some of us do actually remember what was said, I’m sure those councillors know who I mean. Integrity please!

Busy times as we head closer and closer to the State election,  if you have an hour or so, please let me know, the Greens are a viable alternative for the Seats of Liverpool and Macquarie Fields, Bill and I are prepared to dedicate ourselves to the future of our great city. But we need your help, we simply cannot cover the entire electorates without some assistance. If you can spare an hour to do some letterboxing or perhaps a couple of hours on Polling day we would so much appreciate your help. We really need Liverpool to be noticed, by re- electing Labor or risking the Liberals NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Imagine the attention either of those parties would have to pay us out here if the GREENS GOT ELECTED…  you can be assured of one thing, we wouldn’t take you for granted and you’d have dedicated LIVERPUDLIANS acting for you at every turn. If Labor is re-elected in a Liberal State government what do you think we stand a chance of getting out here? if the Libs manage to win this seat they will go back to ignoring us as they’ve done previously…. we LOSE on both counts!

If your passion is with one party or another… fine, send a strong message that we are important out here, Vote Greens 1 in both houses and then decide if you want to preference someone yourself, you won’t be told by us how to vote, we’ll only suggest you give us your first choice.


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