Coopers, Greens on the Green and amused


I had a fabulous weekend, a little tiring but none the less fabulous, Saturday was our Greens on the Green event in the Mall at Liverpool, looming rain and not an actual drop made for a lovely morning meeting and greeting residents from all around Liverpool. MLC Cate Faehrmann worked alongside us as we chatted with locals about matters of importance to us here in Liverpool and the need for Greens in the Upper house. It’s lovely being able to share policy info, booklets and flyers with any who were interested. I love it when we can assist those unsure with facts and policy paperwork.

Yesterday we met some super clever people who walked and talked with us about Coopers Paddock… what a gold mine of flora and fauna right next to one of the busiest roads here in Liverpool… Coopers Paddock, an untouched natural site, is a 10min drive or a 20min walk from the Centre of Liverpool, what an amazing place so close to a major CBD…here’s a couple of pics from our recent walk.

Today I also had the  pleasure of meeting up with the good residents of 2168 Community group…these  hard working residents are bringing a Health forum to the community on the 19th March at the PCYC, I do hope many of you come along and check out the many organisations who make these days possible.

 To Politics: Our (Not to )Preference statement has now been made….after advising our colleagues in the city they announced before we could advise our own media, it will be nice however to simply say… you choose.

I think it’s important that we’re working hard for the residents of the area and they will decide if we’re worthy to earn their vote or preferences – we’re not simply trying to talk them into it because they don’t like one or more of our opponents”.

Why amused… as a person who has attended numerous committees, groups, forums and meetings for several years now I tend to forget that elections bring all and sundry out of the woodwork… people you never hear of, see or interact with at community functions who now seek to be your elected officials. This has now happened to me twice in the last couple of weeks, sitting listening as one does and a new person arrives, hopefully a person who will help take up the gauntlet for the many issues besieging us only to have them announce they are a candidate in the next election…what I find particularly amusing is, as was the case today that they not only don’t attend local functions but clearly don’t live anywhere close. One of the biggest issues I believe in this upcoming election is our present MP has lost touch… however, at one stage he did attend, participate and still lives here. Why would we consider letting anyone just step in and make decisions on our behalf who doesn’t even live here?

Also for your diary as well on the 19th the Filipino Community is having a WOW festival in Blacktown I’ll bring you more details soon, however this multicultural event is a not to miss.


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