2011 Liverpool Relay for Life

I’m posting this way before the actual event this year as I’ve been coerced, invited, assigned the fabulous task of team co-ordinator. It is a delight and real privilege to work with some truly dedicated people in the Cancer council and many residents in the Liverpool area who know the depths and strengths cancer can take us to.

Having said that I’m seeking your assistance, attached is a flyer  click here:  I’ve prepared as this year’s theme is:

Liverpool: Our Diversity, our Similarities

This year we are challenging our diverse communities to come together to raise awareness and funds for the Cancer council. We are doing this through the Relay for Life: one weekend a year many in our community come together to walk, run, skip around Hillier’s Oval for 24hours. We bring together family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers into our teams to share the load. Someone is on the track all the time over the 24hr period, because like cancer itself it is a 24hr a day illness….

Over the coming weeks there will be a number of Information nights, if you’re not sure about the relay, or are a little bit interested and just want to know a little bit more I encourage you to come along, ask questions, get some great tips and have the time of your life. If you spend a few minutes and read back in this blog about 10months you will read what a profound and wonderful interaction of a group of people who knew each other and shared a fabulous experience. Some stay the whole 24hrs, most do a shift or two, some sleep over, (the kids loved this last year) and there will be heaps of things to amuse, entertain, enchant and perhaps even move you.

Here is my challenge: Let’s see how many different Community groups we can have in this year’s relay: We have in excess of 130 different nationalities in Liverpool, we have sporting groups, elder groups, businesses, church groups, the list is endless: Let’s see how many Theme groups we can get going this year. My Group is the Greens, ok, not all the members of the team are Greens, but we do share a common goal of working together for the betterment of the community.

Join us on the weekend of April 30/May 1st for an amazing, uplifting, tiring weekend… you won’t regret it…  the first info night is

 February 10th at the Casula Hub at 6.30pm… no strings, come along, listen and ask questions then get all your friends together for a fabulous weekend.


2 Responses to 2011 Liverpool Relay for Life

  1. IngaLeonora says:

    Until you don’t have it, one doesn’t really appreciate the impact that such diversity has, what a splendid gift it is to have all these cultures, experiences and traditions so accessable! Certainly, that is what I truly love about Liverpool. Its a fine theme and I hope people embrace it. Cancer is a curse, but like most adversity a great teacher, and through it we can see that despite the differences, there are many things that are universal to the human experience, and we can rally together to conquer.

  2. kathy says:

    yeah nice

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