Australia day in Liverpool

Well it was one of those stinkers of a day as far as the temperature goes, some say 42 degrees but in the blistering sun in an open park many would concede it may be even hotter… the true blessing came about 6.30 when a cool breeze slowly passed through Woodward park as the numbers swelled by thousands… many had come to see Mahogany the local group ‘done good’! You have to love these events that bring our community together as one, well I certainly do.

There seemed to be plenty for everyone to get involved in, great entertainment and council staff as always did an admirable job both in support roles and in handing out plenty of trees to the locals.  Considering the heat the event attracted a huge responses from residents one saying  ‘that if this is how council was spending her rates she’s good with it and would like to see even more community events such as this’…she came alone as her family couldn’t be coerced from in front of the TV and air conditioner… a situation seen many times throughout the day.  For those of us who did attend I think this was another superb family event. Seems young people and carnivals don’t have a ‘too hot’ button as was the case with my youngest man.  Here are a couple of shots… if you look carefully in one, you might see the Mayor on her blanket listening to the music, Clr Hadchiti and his family, Clr Karnib and I was told a couple of others were there also   however I didn’t see them – and chatting with residents was much more fun than seeking out others in the heat.

Enjoy the pics, and mark the 26th in your diary for next year… hoping of course it isn’t quite so hot.

Lastly a huge congratulations to the 5 ladies holding top honours for Liverpool’s Australia day awards, June Young and Norma Shelley (both JP’s) and Lucy Reggio, Maree Stacey and Young Miss Sarah Webster. Your contributions to our city are admirable and an example to all. Thank you for all you do..


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