A great Big Thank you

I had the pleasure again this weekend of visiting a number of homes in Liverpool in order to bring the Greens perspective and option to the voters of Liverpool. I am overwhelmed with the positive response and good wishes of those with whom we spoke. From what I heard Liverpool is ready for a change, I also got the message that the people of Liverpool aren’t too keen on just handing over the state to the Liberal party because they’re disillusioned with Labor and they see the Greens as a viable alternative. To say we in Liverpool are over being taken for granted is an understatement and the positive comments and valued input from these residents inspires me. Liverpool is a wonderful place to live, work and play and the many with whom I spoke are proud of our city whilst they acknowledge it needs some TLC.

In what was it appears one of the first real days of summer my thanks go to Daniel – we cannot do what we do in the Greens without our dedicated supporters and members. We are very much a ‘Hands On’ group and if you’d like to walk around your local streets and letterbox some flyers, or walk with me to chat with residents, please let me know. Unlike the Liberal party who has accrued $20M in donations since 2007 or the Labor party,  the NSW Greens are a grass roots party and don’t accept corporate donations so your assistance is greatly appreciated and very much valued.

Please call me on 8777 5599 or email me on swesterberg@lso.com.au if you can spare an hour or so to help bring the Green message to the people of Liverpool.


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