Reflecting on the past week or so

With the clean up continuing across the east coast our thoughts are with those who are coming to terms with significant loss and devastation and the daunting prospect of rebuilding their lives after the floods.  All the while our west coast comes to terms with the result of deliberately lit fires and the subsequent losses over there.

This week on my Face Book in light of the spirit of our fellow Aussies who are battling the ravages of  floods up and down the east coast and those in the west, I proudly post this again

 “Proud to be an Aussie every day, even prouder today, people of Australia…you inspire me ;-D

Last night on the Drum, MLC Cate Faehrmann was asked why the Mining companies should contribute…. when the ordinary man didn’t. Not only do tax payers pay through rates and taxes, the ‘Ordinary’ Aussie has contributed well in excess of $50m to the relief effort, how about our Banks and Miners chip in similarly! Comparatively to profits sounds fair to me.

More local news in a few days seems I, like many others have been watching in awe of the situations across the states. There are some exciting things happening locally over coming weeks so check back here and I’ll keep you informed. Of note is that there are positions being advertised on the LCC website, 8 or so, let’s hope we’re not losing valued staff in the shake up from the new GM, and that the re-jig of roles leads to efficient operations across council.

Don’t forget Australia Day on the 26th at Woodward Park and the submissions re the sale of community lands due soon.


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