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Hi All and welcome to the 2011 version of my blog. With ‘everything’ council meeting wise being on hold until almost February I’m not able to bring you up to date with any happenings but will as soon as I can.

This morning Bill Cashman and I had a lovely chat with the New Journalist with the Leader.  Simone Roberts has taken over from Margaret Rice who as you know (through this blog) was keen to bring politics to the community and Simone assures us she’s keen to do the same. As you all know one of my passions it to have all Liverpudlians aware of what is happening locally, within and without council and generally help our community to make clear informed decisions about their very important vote. As the Greens Candidate for Liverpool this is a very exciting time, a time when we the community need to be considerate of our votes, and not as some parties do, take it for granted, where your votes  goes and who we trust with our future. I believe we need someone representing us who won’t bow to party lines, who will be a Liverpudlian before their party, this Bill and I were delighted  to assure Simone we were… Liverpudlians first, Greens second. It is also important highlighting the need for Greens in the Senate to question and double check what happens, to clarify some of the legislation and where needed fine tune the wording to make it equitable for all in the state. There are some interesting examples of this from the last sitting of Parliament, one example where MLC David Shoebridge and the senate team re-jigged the wording on the Asbestos claimants rights before being passed through the senate, specifically to make sure those left after a loss were treated equitably not age based as the fine print had it.  These issues might not affect everyone, but our state government needs to reflect the needs of ALL our residents, not just those who can articulate, publicise or promote their need or agenda.

Oops nearly forgot!!!  – there are a couple of matters seeking submissions from council during the break, one is the reclassification of land around the LGA, there is a list of properties in last week’s Leader and submissions are due on or before Friday Feb 4 and another in McLean St before the 23rd Feb. If you would like to make a submission and aren’t sure of the process or would like to discuss it please call me on 8777 5599 or check out the submissions tab on this blog.

Also THE AUSTRALIA DAY program commences at 4pm on the 26th at Woodward Park, with parking available at the Whitlam centre (Gold coin donation to Lions ) closing with Fireworks at about 9pm.This was a terrific event last year and Local artists Mahogany are one of many talented people entertaining us on the day. Do come up and say hi, I’ll be there with my family.

Oh!  wish me luck, I’ve resubmitted to be your representative on the Community Sport & Recreational panel; I’ve enjoyed being one of your voices (OK the loud one) on this group and hope to be included again this term.

One last thing: I”m compiling a list of the most important issues facing residents of Liverpool please feel free to either log onto my FB page Signe Westerberg Greens candidate for Liverpool or email me at  to have your ideas/needs/passions included.!/pages/Signe-Westerberg-Greens-Candidate-for-Liverpool/130754773646272


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