Oh Christmas tree oh christmas tree

 where was the com-mun-ity…???

I’ve had a number of residents mention their desire to have a community Christmas tree in the mall in Liverpool, I passed this on to council through the CBD committee  (as I am sure did others) and voila there is a Christmas tree… so where was the community?

 My only real answer is Poor publicity… I only found out the switch was being turned on  myself, in the previous day’s paper. Ok it was rushed as the tree itself was only approved by Councillors Monday week but we really need to get a bit more info into the community if we want them on board.  Mayor Waller, Clrs Stanley, Harle and Karnib were there to witness the lighting so the next question is where were the rest of the councillors… Cllr Lucas was at a meeting (I know I was there also) and he arrived as everything was finishing – perhaps the other councillors were too busy doing their Christmas shopping…


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