stop wasting my rates

After reading today’s advertisements for our councillors and listening to the protestations of the same councillors at council meetings I’m disillusioned. When did we as a community authorise self promotion at rate payers’ expense. As Cllr Harle so eloquently reminded us all at the last council meeting, what councillors decide on, is payed for by the rate payers…not the whole community. So as one of the rate payers…stop spending my money on self promotion. As a small business owner I need to  justify the high rates for half or quarter page advertising in the Leader… yet our councillors seem to have a free reign, then have the forethought to sign off saying this is their personal opinion not that of council… so fine… pay for it yourself. FOR HEAVENS SAKE… it’s not your money, before you rush off and spend it willy nilly-  Fill a pot hole or paint a bench. STOP WASTING MY RATES.

you compare…the council banner adverts are attached…

 Council Adverts October 2010 and Cnl Banner Advert 10th 2010


5 Responses to stop wasting my rates

  1. Ned Mannoun says:

    I paid from my own pocket to have that letter published if that is what you are reffering to. Next time you may want to check your facts. I am availible at any time on 0425 25 25 05 if you would like to communicate

    • Signe says:

      Good to hear Ned… perhaps you could add that to your disclaimer as it was under a council banner one could deduce – council funded. Thanks for the clarification. As for checking my facts I did attempt to get clarification, however I didn’t call you directly. The other ad for Cllr McGoldrick was no doubt from the $20,000 council funds made available to the Lib/Inds to fight the Intermodal at Moorebank.

      I’m all for self promotion or personal campaigning but implying council sanction is suspect at best, in my humble opinion.

      Please feel free to comment anytime!

      PS of the people I surveyed 100% of readers believed the adverts to be council endorsed and paid for…

  2. Peter Harle says:

    Signe, the Councillors Column was part of a total package negotiated by Council and intended to provide Councillor feedback to the Community separate to that of the Mayor. At times Councillors may express an opinion that is not necessarily that of the Council, if they do then a disclaimer is required by law. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Councillors promoting a cause or vision they passionately believe in as Councillor Mannoun and Councillor McGoldrick did. It gives the ratepayers of Liverpool an opportunity to look at the personalities of their elected representatives and reconsider future support. I suppose I could be criticised for my column some weeks ago where I promoted the various Community Groups and those that I attend.

    Incidentally, due to several weeks of not publishing the Councillors columns, the Newspaper suggested that they be increased in size for the remainder of the contract at no additional cost. The Columns originally were to be limited to around 250 words and published at 2 weekly intervals, with each Councillor given the opportunity to provide comments. Overall, from feedback I have received most respondents consider the Councillor Column as relevant as the Mayors.

    • Signe says:

      Hi Peter,
      I don’t have any problem either with councillors voicing an opinion, actually I applaud it. However when it comes in the form of what appears to be council paid for advertising I don’t agree with it. Lets face it if a councillor wants to write about their involvement in forums, community events or proposed events its newsworthy, however not many of ours can as it would be a stretch too far. We can all push our political barrow all we like as long as we clearly define it as our barrow and our dollar supporting it. My rates, as with yours and theirs are stretched enough without this indulgence. As for free space, there are many issues, event, programs as you well know that we could use that space for rather than what can only be called self promotion and wouldn’t require a disclaimer. Thanks for the comment, they are always welcomed.

  3. Signe says:

    please note, as with some above you are welcome to comment and not display your name simply let me know in your comment that it’s not for publication or NFP
    thank you for your comments

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