if the Premier needs a pet project.

I’ve just posted the following piece on a number of sites: for those of you who agree with me, please comment, I’ve sat back waiting to see if anyone will fight for us (lots of promises however no results),  neither Labor or Liberal really give a (?) … so I’m making a noise, I want us heard… I am seeking preselection with the Greens to run as a candidate in the State election for the seat of Liverpool.

 It’s time we got heard, Mr Lynch may (or may not) be a good minister, he certainly has enough portfolio’s , however as OUR Voice in State Parliament, I’m not so convinced:

my post on street corner, City, South west and on Face Book:

Following on from MLC David Shoebridge’s comments about our Piece-meal planning by part-time Premier, http://davidshoebridge.org.au/2010/09/30/piecemeal-planning-by-part-time-premier/

If Ms Keneally is so intent on championing a project or two, forget Barrangaroo and adopt the south west of Sydney Premier.  We need someone who is willing to work for South West Sydney (and for all the citizens of this state) when it comes to development, especially for those of us affected by both State and Federal projects in our communities as well as the Private developers projects… remember Sydney’s south west…we are not the dumping ground for all and sundry, we are entitled to proper planning, noise barriers, decent sewerage services and protection from unbelievable noise impacts.  Add to that we need the infrastructure installed BEFORE you release a new estate. Time to start again and plan things properly, be it Barrangaroo or Moorebank, Casula or Liverpool or wherever, this time with the community’s needs the priority. Premiers picking and choosing NEWS worthy projects doesn’t cut it. You want to champion something, look no further than Liverpool Premier… and if you choose to ignore our needs, don’t be surprised when we look for alternatives who consider them a priority.

Signe Westerberg for the Liverpool Fairfield Greens, who do consider Liverpool a priority and not a dumping ground!


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