Pioneer Park and update

I’ve just returned from the Re-opening of the Pioneer Park,

Ribbon cutting Pioneer Park 3.9.10

 for quite some years there has been significant talk of what needed to be done, what funds were available and how we could ‘save’ the history that this park embraces… today we saw Mayor Wendy Waller officially open the first and second phases of the completed works enlisted to protect this amazing asset. For a nice change there were a couple of councillors in attendance…Cllr’s, Stanley, Mannoun, Hadchiti, Harle & Lucas along with approx 75 locals who gathered for the reopening of the park, one of Liverpool’s most relevant & historic assets.

MAyor Waller declaring the Pioneer Park open

 Great news that through the pressure put on the state government by the locals councils and the concerted effort by our own council it seems there has been a significant change to the Section 94 matter that we were speaking of a month or so ago. The change is basically the cap increased and an opportunity for council to apply for assistance in areas where our commitment overreached our possible return. Congratulations to the Staff, in particular Milan Marecic, the acting GM Farooq Portelli and Mayor Wendy Waller, my understanding is that they have had numerous meetings with the minister, as well as the media campaign to have this very serious change readdressed.

With Forums being on hold at present and the election being over I’m delighted to be having a brief break.  I miss the interaction with the community and have maintained a small piece of that over the phone with a few people however, no meetings until the 2nd week of September when the Western forum will be on as usual. In the interim, I’ve had a little time to enjoy with my grandson, who has become an absolute advocate for the new park on Maxwell’s avenue, I’m pretty sure he’d be there all the time if given the opportunity.

Council meetings are again becoming farcical in that snide remarks and innuendo have crept back into the basic running of meetings, and congrats to the CPAC staff who have managed to create a faux council chamber set up in the theatre.  I’m not sure what is happening but it appears if one side i.e. the Lib/Ind’s support it, Labor don’t and visa-versa . Holding councillors to strict regime of supporting the community isn’t that easy and one would think under the dire circumstances this lot find them in a little more effort could be employed. Add to this there are still a good number of matters dealt with in confidence… I’m on record that as a rate payer there should be no secrets. God help us when we move into the process of deciding on new, rebuilt or purchase situation for council’s future buildings, the king makers deciding on the palace will be a nightmare!

Also I need your help please, as has become my usual fashion I’ve been working on my list of have/have nots for council this second year of their term… and I’m struggling. Can you tell me what you think these councillors have achieved in the last 12months.  I mean the councillors, not the staff; existing programs don’t count as they would have happened with or without councillor’s e.g. waste management, information access for the western forums etc. So far I have Gateway’s, I’ve got things like the $20,000 allocated from council funds for the intermodal and a couple of minor matters but would appreciate your help…. basically what I’m really after is initiatives…email or comment is fine.


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