Out of the Ashes

Sadly Liverpool Council chambers burnt down on Sunday morning the 15th August, 2010. Considering the absolute destruction of the facility the time is now to consider options for the redevelopment of our Council Facility.

So here it is…for some time now I’ve thought the location of our Council Chambers a little out of the way, why don’t we now, use the insurance money, some $20M+ to rebuild a new potentially incoming producing facility right here in the centre of Liverpool CBD. Or alternately buy an existing building?

Option 1: Plan to build a large 10+ story building on the Bathurst Street site, land already owned by council using 3-4  floors and part of the ground floor for the council chambers, incorporating a state of the art Town Hall and leasing the additional floors to private enterprise or Government departments who in turn could become an income producing activity for this always cash strapped council. Incorporate underground parking enough to supply some workers and again earn an income from short term parking, even installing a company to manage should council not wish to do so themselves.

Option2: Purchase one of the almost vacant buildings in the CBD, refurb and do the same, allocate the appropriate floor space for council and rent out additional space for potential tenants again as an income producing activity. (not my fav)

I don’t think we should be looking at redeveloping a site on Hoxton Park road; prior to the fire I considered that this would be a good site for a retirement /lifestyle village, close to but not in the CBD. Where now council will have the insurance dollars and the potential income of selling this very large, reasonably flat highly developable site to build what could be a future income producing and visibly forward thinking building right in the CBD of Liverpool…

We should ensure that this tragedy be a stepping stone to get council out of its present financial circumstances, an opportunity to provide a future income stream and state of the art facilities to council itself. I believe this is worth discussion….Your thoughts?

Please don’t think  for one minute I don’t understand the emotional gravity of this situation, however the time is Now to consider options and this I believe is reasonable.


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