one week to go

And my big question is ‘What are they so scared of?’ 

I and two colleagues spoke with the community in Liverpool on Saturday meeting the people and answering questions when one young fellow came up and asked why the group across the road (Socialist Equality Party) were saying things about the Greens he knew were totally untrue? 

Next on Sunday I and MLC Sylvia Hale and Local Co-ordinator Bill Cashman attended the ‘NO Intermodal NO’ rally at Moorebank. We had been told  that we were not being given the opportunity to speak  at all on political grounds, ( I’m not sure what that means)

 After listening to the hugely political statements being made and even the announcement by Peter Harle that he’d be an independent Candidate at the coming State election (in Menai  where the announcement was made– or?)  I asked for the opportunity to advise the community of the (Actual) action that had been made by the Greens with regards to the Intermodal. I wanted to clear the way, not the rhetoric, not the empty promises but what we’d actually done and asked  as far back as 2004 and was again denied…

So again what are they scared of… it seems the TRUTH… while both the Liberal and Labor candidates sprouted what they hoped  to achieve the only party who had been addressing this from the communities point of view for more than 5 years was denied a chance to speak with the community.

It saddens me that 6 days out from an election, that a rushed community rally was put in place to sway voters (by the Liberal Councillors) and the Greens weren’t given any chance of representing the community can only be seen as Biased , that the Truth won’t be allowed to get in the way of an electioneering event such as this was. Shame on you councillors, so much for fair representation, so much for allowing the community to hear from all concerned Shame! rates helped pay the $20,000 towards this event too..

Finally to all the council staff who are deeply affected by the fire, please know my family and I are thinking of you through this tumultuous time.


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