Mildly amused or sadly disappointed?

I, like so many others am trying to stay on top of all that is happening, be it locally or in the election generally… Mostly of course the Local issues get my attention and when you consider the amount of press provided to discuss the Prime Minister ear lobes you can see why I am mildly amused, I doubt the size of her earlobes will cause us another economic crisis, or to send more of our military overseas and yet it gets plenty of press as did the budgie smuggling ear flapping of Mr Abbott.  What is it about our media that these things are placed over the issues that really impact our lives?

Of most interest to me is that in Liverpool both the major parties saw fit to partake in some electioneering at our Tuesday night extraordinary council meeting. This meeting of Liverpool council was called to seek special funding to support the Wattlegrove residents action group in fighting against the huge Intermodal complexes at Moorebank. A most worthy fight I agree, the huge impost on our entire community can only be imagined at this point and we certainly need to be proactive and involved on a major scale.

 The NSW Greens MLC’s have been working with us for many, many months now to draw attention to the many issues that will be thrust upon us including the Moorebank Freight Hub on the land now occupied by the School of  Military  Engineering.  Liverpool residents are of course desirous of their councils support as were the residents of Cecil Hill, the West Hoxton & Hoxton Park residents, the Casula residents and many other local areas who have issues and concerns that they are being unfairly treated. Perhaps if the Local Liberal/Independent councillors had championed other issues – albeit in some cases a smaller scale, we wouldn’t have residents struggling with effluent now it is raining, the sleep deprivation and ill health of the Casula residents… but then again, there is an election pending and political points to be made. Can’t wait to see what tactics are employed to discredit the State Govt…. oh, no worries… they don’t need help, their shooting themselves in the foot fine… all by themselves.

On a Brighter note, if you have a few minutes tomorrow (Friday30th) at midday come along to Fairfield and witness the ballot draw… I’ll be there and of even more local interest National Tree day is on Sunday, Fairfield Council has two sites Johnston Park along Orphan School Creek, at the end of East Parade, Canley Vale & Irelands Bridge Reserve along Cabramatta Creek, Old Liverpool Road, Lansvale & Liverpool Cnl…South Park at Chipping Norton. 9-12. All followed by a free council BBQ…. I’ll be wearing my Greens T-shirt so come up and say hello… I will be attempting to stop by them all… (Fingers crossed it’s nice weather in the  morning)


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