Be scared….very scared

I’m quite amazed at how little is known about Liverpool… in this instance where it is, the place to start I guess. I’ve been considering (as have many of you) what it will be like following the next state election, who will be running this state… hopefully there will be several  more Greens in Parliament. So why Scared…very scared… as you know I run a small family business… Liverpool Serviced Offices. I get, as do most businesses, all kinds of mail… but today’s has created the most concern…..

You see it’s from the Present Opposition Leader, Mr Barry O’Farrell … the hopeful  next premier of NSW inviting me to a lunch/cabinet meeting…. no biggie, the Libs seem to have plenty of money… so why am I’m scared? They want to talk with me – are you ready for this…..about a broad range of issues affecting the Sutherland Shire…. THEY DON”T KNOW WHERE LIVERPOOL IS….  it’s in my business name, the PO Box is Liverpool and they want to talk about Sutherland Shire matters….

This  pretty much supports any concerns we have as to whether or not either of the Parties are capable of representing us adequately or not… I’ve often quipped that the only way Barry & his boys would come out here is if their driver knew where we were... I was kidding, it seems I was right.  So are you ready SOUTH WEST SYDNEY…. they don’t know we are here… where we are and I seriously doubt we can expect much to change regardless which of the majors gets the big chair in March 2011.

I’ve attached the letter for you to read… enjoy, I’m still gobsmacked… Thanks Bazza but until you know Sydney (& NSW)  better I thank GOD for the GREENS (who by the way not only know where we are but have worked with us on a number of issues and understand the importance of  South West, West and North West Sydney) click here for Barry O’Farrell Mail


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