Freedom of the City Army March

I got up nice and early on Saturday to make sure I got a prime position in the Freedom of the City March on Saturday, how delighted I was to do exactly that,  front and centre as the Men and women of our local barracks paraded past me and the dress unformed police officer who called them to halt.

Albeit ceremonial, what a pleasure to watch these well drilled and professional men and women exercise a past right, 10 hours (a young lady partner informed me)  they practiced the day prior. 10 hours minimum to ensure they did it well.

I took some photos on my “phone camera” not all the best quality but certainly enough that you’ll see the precision and the dedication.

Sadly all too few of our citizens thought this worthwhile and the small crowd consisted mostly of partners, children and family members of the military and police personnel. The President of the Friends of Collingwood House and the Regional Museum was there and heartily disappointed at the small community turnout… for me however the saddest thing was the lack of support of our duly elected councillors… you see, Mayor Waller was there with her family, but that’s it…none of the others from either side of the political fence appeared.  (Several others brought this to my attention as well) You see, it’s part of our Bicentennial celebrations, they’ve known about it for many months and not one of them could spare the two or so hours to participate, rub shoulders with the residents, no wonder the community doesn’t support these things when even our own councillors can’t be bothered.

To the Men and women who participated in the March, thank you. To the small band of residents who stood in the brisk morning air, thank you and to those councillors who didn’t show, thanks for nothing. What a disappointment and yet not surprising… it’s what I’m coming to expect. I guess you didn’t consider it vote worthy…


2 Responses to Freedom of the City Army March

  1. Leona says:

    Fantastic pictures, Signe. What a glorious day!~ and how charming does our Bigge Park look with all those neat men and women?

    Thank you for reporting on events like this. I no longer live in Liverpool, but thoroughly appreciate your blog as a way of keeping in touch with my home town. I hope all Liverpudlians and citizens in Fowler appreciate it as I do, and show their support on election day. All the best! Certainly, I continue to be dismayed and disappointed by the current Liverpool council, and hope to see people like yourself, actually engaged, involved and evidently, truly passionate about where you live, in Houses of Representatives, Councils and etc all across Australia.

    Many thanks, again.

  2. Signe says:

    Although quite cool, they did look impressive… thanks for the comment.
    Thank you also for the good wishes, I hope my fellow residents believe as I do it’s time for a change and a forward focus rather than the backward thinking we are presently being exposed to.

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