Busy Times + Q & A

I am as always delighted to participate in community endeavours to improve our great city. It’s lovely to work with passionate people and this week is no different… I’ve had the pleasure of joining the community transport group as they work through issues of importance to us all. Bus transport and access issues at one time or another affects everyone. I’d like to thank the group for being so welcoming and hope that in some small way I may be able to contribute and help as they achieve their goals.

Congratulations also to the Friends of Collingwood House and the Regional Museum for the celebrations on Saturday, despite the rain it was well attended and most interesting.

Being so busyI forgot to mention last week the opening I attended at CPAC of the Memory Bank, WOW, so much history right here in Liverpool and a wonderful program designed to capture it before it is lost forever… Therese Sweeney is speaking with, videoing and photographing our history check it out at www.memorybank.org.au .

The CBD forum is as always interesting, this week Council staff outlined some key information on the freight terminal and transport hub at Wattlegrove and plans for the Liverpool CBD parking strategy,    sadly the numbers have dropped significantly in this group and it would be great if more business owners and people interested in the CBD come along and share their views and their vision. Consider this an open invitation.

I am a fan of the ABC show Q & A on Monday nights (if home) and am delighted that the show will this week come from the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.  This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Arts centre and to fill it with locals in what is a truly interactive television show. I encourage you all to log onto http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/coming_up.htm and register  for your free seat.

A foot note: I sometimes wonder why more people don’t get involved in community matters and then when you read personal attacks on contributors (Champion online) because I suggested all councillors would listen and take note of community concerns regarding CPAC my answer is obvious. I’m not sure exactly what her complaint was but it certainly allowed an opportunity for ‘Sienna’ to invent an issue.  We don’t need to be criticised for having an opinion, and as I’ve stated on many occasions before, you don’t have to agree with me, but a personal attack by a councillor’s supporter is just sad. Fortunately I am strong enough in my vision and passion and dismiss these comments for what they are, disappointing. However, you can see why others might not want to share their opinion so readily can’t you? I hope that if you consider participating, whether on line, in person or as a spectator you realise the importance of your contribution. Together we can improve and support all that is good about Liverpool and our surrounding suburbs.

For the record, I am a proud member of  the Greens party  as I’m sure are all the Liberal councillors who left the Labor party and now shout their alliance to the Liberals and other councillors who ran as Liberals who now as independents  have alliance with OH!! the Liberals.


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