A word of Caution

I am becoming increasingly aware that several of our local politicians are making promises to you that their parties will not be able to live up to. At a time when Liverpool is subject to many different issues, the prevalence of undoable promises may be used to grab your attention and potentially your vote.

A perfect example is the Intermodal (Freight and Container storage HUB) at Wattlegrove: it is good to have the local Libs questioning the Intermodal, but their opposition is essentially meaningless unless the powers in their own Party come out and officially repudiate what is their policy and initiative. I would have thought they would be well aware that such public protestations that don’t echo the official position of their Party and puts them at odds with their own team … or do they already know that, and are just indulging in populist spin?”

Please be aware of this tactic, (sadly the less credible of our local politicians, Councillors are politicians) is designed to have you think they are working for you when in fact they just want your attention knowing they won’t be able to deliver. Another perfect example of the was one councillor who the week or so before the council election said NO TO RATES rises, within a month of being elected was the first to announce the need for Rates increases.

Please consider judging these politicians (all of us as a matter of fact) on what we achieve as well as what we say. Talk is cheap.


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