Update… on the Georges River

As many of you are aware I am the communities representative of the Upper Georges River Urban sustainability project….(UGRUSP) this program began about  2 years ago for me at a meeting at LCC seeking participants in a survey to see what the residents wanted from and for their river. Sounds simple enough, I and about 30 or so others attended the information sharing session, similarly residents attended information sharing programs at both Campbelltown and Wollondilly councils. The most exciting part of these programs was that people just like you and me want to access our river, to walk along it, to picnic and to protect it.

A little over a week  ago I had the absolute pleasure of taking a morning out of the office and walking through a couple of the sites being improved for community access. Seriously folks we have such a beautiful asset in our Georges River and for the most part it’s untouched and relatively unknown. I’ve posted a couple of the photo’s here for you to see the magnificence of this amazing river.

Back to the reason for the post other than the pictures… over the coming months you will see some on ground works commencing and some artwork being installed in all three cities– the last two years hasn’t been merely a chat-fest but serious activities have begun and are ready to be installed and I invite you to keep an eye out. Add to this the work being done by environment officers of LCC and rehabilitation works that have been done and soon you’ll see some real additions to our fabulous river. There is also talk of a River fest joint venture with  the three councils encouraging you and your family to visit sites all along the river to Appin… watch this space when details come to hand I’ll certainly make sure you are invited.

A big thankyou to Renee and Mathew for allowing me to ‘borrow’ their fabulous photo’s.


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