Extraordinary meeting, no kidding?

It is now just over a week since some of the councillors called an extraordinary meeting (Wednesday 28.4.10). Sadly this is the first meeting I’ve missed in the last 3 years and I must admit the reports of this meeting has me wondering about the councillors yet again.

I sat with some people last week and asked what they think the councillors have initiated since being elected nearly two years ago (in preparation for my upcoming year in review), these people are locals who do keep a keen eye on what is happening in and around Liverpool and all they could think of was the Gateway and the graffiti programs. Sure things have happened in the last two years but the majority has been council staff initiated programs merely seeking the endorsement of the councillors.

Sadly the muscle flexing I’ve seen develop over the last months has finally taken a real toll in that the General Manager Phil Tolhurst has resigned. As my readers know I have on more than one occasion commented on his dedication, professionalism, his ability to work with the community and whilst not always the individuals favourite person, no one can accuse him of being dishonest, unprofessional, biased or in any way inappropriate, he has to my knowledge always put the needs of Liverpool first and foremost.

You will hear it said that I don’t know what happened, this is true, but it appears no one does in the community and none of the councillors have felt we the rate payers (employers) are capable of handling the truth, we are entitled to know what happened and all this “in-confidence” stuff only leads me to believe that something is wrong and no one wants to own up.

Now we find ourselves in a situation where some of the councillors have seen fit to push their personal agenda’s at the expense of the people of greater Liverpool, including both staff and residents.  With so many questions being asked by both unions and local government authorities what is going to happen here in Liverpool? The short term answer is we need to start looking for a new GM, trust me with the recent press who will want to apply; will we be left wanting not being able to attract the likes of applicants equal to the task as was our GM?

I have in the past supported the inclusion of Independents on council, sadly at this point it appears we didn’t get any… the present group either have strong ties to the Liberal Party or are insufficient enough in personal strength to fight for what is right amongst their peers. Having commented before on the meetings held before the last election where the groups worked together not for the best interests of the city but merely to ‘beat’ Labor I should not be surprised. But I am a hopeful individual and above all else hoped this type of alliance was a thing of the past. Sadly it appears not so!


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