Relay for Life – final report

What a profound experience, what an amazing team and what a great result.

I had the pleasure of spending considerable time over this past weekend with wonderful Dara Bonic, Julie Hately, Bill Cashman, Ursula Wall,  Gabe Gadajski, Francine, my daughter Alisha  and grandson Phillip and a wealth of supportive family members and friends as we walked (some ran) around Hillier’s Oval for this year’s 24hr Relay 4  life event. Words cannot express my appreciation to these amazing people, our small team raised, at last check, $2,567.53 towards the overall total of just under $21,000. I am in awe of these amazing people, Gabe & Ursula are here on holidays and elected to continue to train for the Bangkok half marathon by running for us. The amazing Francine, who ran for hours…Dara and Julie, WOW you were simply fantastic, brilliant (& so fit) with two of Dara’s fabulous children who along with Phillip played and walked for hours and hours. Julie and her awesome family who not only erected the Taj we stayed in but they all walked along side her for so many, many laps, Julie you are a dynamo… Bill and his son Daniel were amazing.  My very own Alisha, Phillip were wonderful and made up the team, oh for the fitness and energy of the three children 😉  In a team of so many ‘fit’ people reminded me how unfit I was. Whilst there are aching bones and sore feet to remind us this was an amazing event I’m so proud to have been there with you all over the 24hrs.

To Anastasia from the Cancer council and the members of the other teams, thank you for your camaraderie, advice and friendship over the weekend. A  job well done by all.

To our supporters and sponsors…thank you, we set an initial target of $1,500 and we exceeded that considerably with your help.


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